Who will get the 2008 Democratic nomination?

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Oct 22, 2003
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Huntington Beach, CA
Let's get some polls up!

Ok, you bleeding heart liberals, show us your votes...

Who, do YOU think,will get the Democrat nomination? (not who you want, who do you suspect will get the nomination)

Please vote

Don't be hurt if I left your person out...I'm leaving the other's out who are not even contending. I tried to get everyone

Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton

John Edwards

Dennis Kucinich

Being a Democrat and being a "Bleeding Heart Liberal" are not necessarily synonymous. At all.

In any case, just to be clear, I am neither, so I am saying this from an *unbiased* standpoint.

A part of me says Hillary very clearly -- but Obama has a fighting chance...clearly.

I don't vote Democrat usually, but I think Hilary will get the nom, I might even vote for her

Even though i root for Obama, i feel that Hillary is going to win the Democrats - because she's well known, and has the Clinton surname (and its aura)

I just wonder if our country is ready for a Woman President. I mean I want her to win but I am just betting that Men will have a hard time voting for her and I know alot of women who hate her. I believe in her message ~~


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