Who's going for the "Benefit Beauty Squad"??

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Mar 2, 2006
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Check it out!! This looks pretty cool! The application is pretty extensive. Sorry...Manders, you can't apply! lol....

</title> <title>BenefitCosmetics.com


Hmmm I must check that out! Thanks Kathy!

Hmm I don't see that on the site? Please point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance=)

That's weird, Angela! I went to the website and couldn't find it either!? WTF? So...I copied the shortcut from the email and put it in my original post and it works. I was signed up for special offers on their site so maybe that's why I got it.

I got the email too, ill apply later today.

oh well i just looked at theemail and its a pdf file thing. lol I dont like feeling out job applications. lol

Well, I gave up by page 3! It's 7 pages, and at first it seems like a questionnaire. Then they suddenly want to know your most embarrassing moment... Then they want to see a pic of you using Benefit products, and want to know what you're using... By that page (page 4), I gave up LOL!

haha i saw the survey and i was like okay but then i saw it was like an essay and i was like oh hell no! lol I guess its their way of eliminating people. lol

I'll send mine out early next week, I filled it all out except for the photo page and what I have on in the photo. I'll do that this weekend

They do ask a lot of stuff, I had a little trouble on the embarrassing moments page, I try to stay away from doing anything embarrassing and the stuff that IS embarrassing is like R/NC-17 rated lol! Umm no not going on there, haha! I found a story that works good I think... we'll see hopefully I make it!

I'll try and see what happens... I dont think I can convince them though as doctors are not typically "social butterflies", like they say. LOL. But we shall see!

i got the email for this, the email is saved until i decide if i want to join in or not.

my problem is that when it says to throw Benefit parties that most of my friends are straight guys. and i dont think theyre gonna be up for Benefit parties.

Yeah...I may give it a shot, but holy crap! The application is really extensive. I guess it's like Emily said, they need to eliminate people who aren't serious. If it was too easy then everyone would be accepted and they'd be giving all their product away!!

I might enter. I love Benefit! Too bad it's such a lengthy application.

Thanks for letting us know about it!

Originally Posted by Retro-Violet /img/forum/go_quote.gif my problem is that when it says to throw Benefit parties that most of my friends are straight guys. and i dont think theyre gonna be up for Benefit parties. I already throw mark parties for my friends so thats no problem for me

I sent my app out in the mail today, it says they announce who's in by Oct 31...ughhh over a month. Oh well, I hope I I make it and didn't fill out that long ass app for nothing!

Update: I came home yesterday to find a package from Benefit waiting for me... I made it on the Beauty Squad! They sent me a free tube of BadGal Lash mascara, free Benetint lip & cheek stain, 3 Benefit magnets and 3 buttons (Lana, Gabbi & Betty), a 30th Anniversary Yearbook, a Benefit catalog, a Love Your Look brochure and a congratulations certificate.

What happens is every month they will send me a task to spread the word of Benefit to family, friends, etc. After I complete each task, they will send me free Benefit goodies!

Very cool Manda!! I never made it through the application! LOL!! Now I wish I had!! Dammit!


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