"Wide-leg" not just restricted to jeans

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Dec 9, 2006
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The wider silhouette is back and it isn't just in jeans. Although jeans are very comfortable, there are those days where even jeans don't cut it. When you are bloated the last thing you want is a stiff denim waist band digging into you. So what do you do? Reach for those sweatpants or maybe a pair of leggings.

No so fast.
You are better than that. Sweatpants say, "I give up." Leggings scream, "Hey look how bloated I am!" A fashionable solution is here, and very much in style for fall: wide leg knit pants. Pair them with flip flops and a tank for a comfortable weekend look or glam them up with heels and a sexy top.


The pair pictured by Saint Grace are $86, but I am sure they can be found for less if you look hard enough.
Im not a fan of wide leg. I feel shorter in them and I like to show off the shape of my legs.

But the tall girls look pretty in some of them. And I think its a perfect bottom for them to wear heels with too.

I don't really like the wide leg look. It takes me right back to my bell-bottoms in the 70's.

Haha Nury...you post all the clothes I have!! I freaking love these pants!! They are sooo comfy and I love wide leg pants because they balance out larger hips. I do agree they look better on taller people though. Here are the ones I have...a better price $22.80 at Forever 26.


I'm wearing mines right now! Haha.

I bought them at target. They're fat pants/work out pants/lazy day pants/bloating pants/pajama pants/grocery shopping pants all in one. Woop to stretch.

LOL Amanda, its like im going through your wardrobe and posting haha

I love these too, im not tall at all but i still wear them!

I don't like those wide leg knit pants. They make my butt look retarded or something and they're tricky at times because if you were a thong with them, they look okay unitl you sit down and get back up and then the pants are stuck in your crack!
Not for me...

haha im 6 ft i wwould look stupid in those as they would stop above my ankles lol

One of my fave pairs of work pants are Nine West wide-leg pants. LOVE them! And paired with an empire top... VERY nice!

a little too close fitting for me. i have a booty and those would make sure the world knew it! lmao~


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