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Apr 10, 2012
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I am going to get a wig soon as my protective style for the winter. I have terrible hand in hair syndrome. I want to put the wig on, and take it off when I need to. I have never worn a wig, don't know the least bit about how to pick one, wash it or anything. Someone please help.

I know that if I were to lose all my hair for one reason or another, I'd buy a waist length brown wig and tell everyone it was my own hair.

What exactly would you like to know? I can give you some basics.

It's always worth splurging when it comes to wigs. You can get an okay wig for sixty bucks, or you can get a gorgeous human hair wig for a few hundred. It's also worth investing in a good, breathable wig cap, especially if you'll be wearing it constantly.

Look for a wig that's believable. It's all well and good to get, say, and long black wig, but if you have shoulder length blonde hair, it's going to look a bit silly and people will realize something is up. Go with a wig with realistic fibers, that matches your natural hair and complexion. Also, go with a length that you know you can manage.

You can usually wash hair like most extensions: CAREFULLY, with a mild shampoo. You don't have to wash it every day, of course. How long you can go depends entirely on you. If it looks dull, or worn out, or oily, wash it. Avoid blow drying it too much, and steer clear of backcombing/teasing. Use a volumizing shampoo, etc., if you need the boost.

Most beauty supply stores have good selections of wigs, and the girls who manage the wig section usually know their stuff. Just keep in mind that a wig may look acceptable on the shelf, but could look ridiculous on an actual person. Most stores let you try on several wigs, so take advantage of that. Good luck!

thank u , thanks for ur good infomation, i am deciding on purchasing a wig online, coz theres no wig store in my town. did u have a purchase experiance online? i hit upon a wig online , but idk if its okay. Deleted per TOS  

u know this site? im afraid of buying bad quality wigs online. waiting for ur reply .

There's a new company called Fabulace that actually makes some really great wigs/extensions- they have a revolutionary new process that makes it virtually invisible and you can even dye them! Deleted per TOS

I started getting into wigs over this winter and had a really hard time getting them to stay on.  I've since moved onto hair pieces like fake ponys, and buns and I'm really happy with those.  I think part of my problem though was buying cheaper wigs.  If I ever go full wig on a regular basis I'm going to a store where I can physically try them on and see if they fit me properly. Until then I'm sticking with pieces and partials.  Youtube is a great resource for finding info on wearing them, washing them, styling them, and anything else you can think of. 


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