will being a Makeup Artist work for me?

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Mar 26, 2012
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I'm marrying into military and we will be moving every 2-4 years. So I was wondering if I can make this work. Possibly free-lancing or I would love to work for a shop. But I'm just worried about getting myself out there every time we move. I love makeup and have always wanted to do this. So was just wondering if anyone had any ideas or opinions. Thanks!

Probably best to start with creating a portfolio...no matter how much you get yourself 'out there', people want to see your portfolio.  Make sure you have a variety of looks even if you just want to do weddings, people want a variety of different ethnicities, ages, etc.   If its something you really want to do, go for it!


I am a makeup artist and a traveling one at that! I just love to travel and thought why can't I take my business on the road. People all over the world want to feel beautiful.

It really bugs me when people get starry eyed about working as a makeup artist and don't realize that it all comes down to the portfolio.

Diva doll is right. If you have a great portfolio that shows you do great work no matter where you are you will find work.

There are some really great resources out there...

The Event Makeup Artist

Bobbi Brown has a good book ( I think its called makeup manual or something)

There's tons of stuff out there available. I used the event makeup artist and it was great at teaching me application as well as giving great ideas how to find work and clients no matter where I am

I know you can do it! If you love it and practice enough you can have it!



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