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Sep 27, 2003
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I have couple Windsor Pilates DVDs and like the workouts for days when I don't like to do as much. I haven't really seen results but I haven't been consistent with my workouts either. Maybe one of these days I'll actually start doing this workouts on a schedule and see if they make a difference. You can check them out at they have some new workouts out now.

Hi Reija!

I think Pilates is absolutely wonderful, and I've been a practitioner for close to 8 years. But for the life of me, even I can't stick to the videos regularly. It's just something about the comforts of home calling me, LOL. But seriously, stick with it. If you do this honestly, with no cheating and proper technique, I 100% guarantee you will see better results than you expect. When I first started, I noticed that I became more aware of the junk food I was consuming, and I weaned myself off of it. In only one month, you are going to see sinewy muscle pop out of places you didn't think possible. You are really going to be so pleased with this if you stick it out!

I love it , too.

i LOVE them too, my husband bought them for me and i saw results right away as well, lost weight right away, but i was also combining them with Tae Bo, and i just loved the results, can't wait to start working out again!

Bumping an old post lol. I was looking for info on pilates, I need to add something to my work out. I plan on checking out Pilate DVD's. So Windsor Pilates is the best or many others that are just as good? Thanks!

i love pilates too! i'm so glad i finally got around to trying it - i was afraid it was going to be too slow but i love it!

i have the winsor pilates circle and dvd but i don't like that one much, i'm not sure why.

i bought denise austin's hit the spots pilates and that is my HG dvd! i did it every day for about 40-60 minutes and with a few sessions of cardio each week and i have lost weight plus tone my body.

love love love it!

I downloaded the videos, but so far i didn't bring myself to try them, since they require stuff that i don't have access (those bands that stretch and etc)

I purchased the winsor DVD set and recieved 3 additional ones for some odd reason. I didn't think pilates would do any thing but boy was I WRONG!! When I kept up with the regular work outs I did see results. But I've recently switched to a swiss ball work out, && walk away the pounds.

Mari's dvd is awesome. I have her pilates dvd set (the first one).;.I think it works for me..i did it for a month and i felt so much better. I seen definition on my thighs..legs..and my ass was lifted a lil and firmed. I think this will help me stay away from cellulite.haha

I think pilates targets your powerhouse( stomach area)..your legs( amazing) and ass. So what i do is after im done with pilates i add in weights for my arms.

I started again yesterday since i took a long 3 months break of no workouts. bad idea. Im so sore! Its good sore. Im planning to do this for 60 days (body makeover goal) before my semester starts again.

I really reccomend Pilates. You should try it!

haha my mom ordered that stuff about a year ago.. I have only tried it like maybe 10 times, but after the 1st 2 i noticed that i was drastically more flexible ( and i was already to begin with!) and i did feel a bit more toned.


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