Women of Color: Trusted Makeup Lines that Don't Lie

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Jan 9, 2008
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Okay, so perhaps it's not just a woman of color issue, but it is certainly depressing if not entirely aggravating when you have a 12am craving for the perfect flawless face makeup can can assist you in and you run to your local 24hr wal-mart or drug store, and you spend thirty-five minutes holding a transparent-like foundation bottle or compact up to your face in those awfully enhanced surveillance mirrors bording the wall sides of the cosmetic section...and you buy it, only to be horribly disappointed that it makes you look too light or too dark, too pink, peach, or too red....

Well, this has been my experience!

So, for all of you WOC, what are some makeup lines that you've stumbled across that you do trust and have far less of a difficult time blending the makeup with your skin tone? While suggesting expensive brands that may be widely found in department stores, like Fashion Fair, please also spill the secret stash of beans for the trusting foundations found at a more easily assessible store, like Walgreens, Wal-mart, etc.

I've found Iman cosmetics in the Walgreens in a particular part of town but any more suggestiosn would be wonderful!

I totally understand your frustration.

I don't understand how we can be continueously ignored by cosmetic companys, considering how much money women are willing to spend on beauty products.

I'm just really getting into makeup hardcore so I don't have any suggestions...I've tried

maybelline dream matte mousse foundation and an NYX concealer. I like them but I haven't worn them out yet and won't until my application is better.

but is that you in your pic? you look beautiful :)

You should check out Nicky's videos.

She's a WOC, her makeup is always flawless, IMO and shes going to do a video on

foundation soon. Can't wait. Hope her videos will be as help to you as they are to me.


YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

I'm not a WOC but I understand. I'm so light that it's hard to find something.

I've heard lots of raves for posner cream and black opal, both are cheap.

I never once got a good match with Cover Girl... Except when I was like 14 and only had to use a pressed powder... That color no longer even looks right on me. Never got a match out of Maybelline either. I haven't tried the other brands in ages...

Clinique was a good match for me when I tanned. Chanel was a decent match, and MAC is almost perfect. So far, my absolutely BEST match has been Urban Decay Surreal Skin in Hallucination.

I only use Mac nc-45 but if you're willing to pay and can't possibly find anything else, I would go for prescriptives color match (or whatever). I know Mac fits me the best though. I've tried drugstore mu and it never works on me. HTH

Black radiance has some GREAAAAAAT powders. I wear them and i look air brushed lol. And they have good coverage so you can wear them with or without foundation. I know exactly what you mean though. I got soooo pissed of at the long forum about that dior foundation just to find out there darkest color was beige. Thats only like a white girl with a tan. I'll end up looking like michael jackson.

Ladies, THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for your input!!!! You've really helped me to evaluate my list!

After work on Friday, I paid a visit to Ulta and checked out their Iman cosmetics. There's a Walgreens in my neighborhood that caters to ethnic women who carries regular makeup lines that include their darker range of colors...but I didn't have the patience to drive an entire five miles to it! LOL So I stopped by Ulta, right up the street from my job, and asked if one of the ladies working could help me find my perfect match from Iman.

With her help, we did! I chose Clay 2 in the cream-to-powder foundation in Iman's line. I have oily skin and dark splotches. I chose this makeup because it has buildable coverage and a seperate powder compact is not necessary b/c of it dries to a soft matte powdery finish.

Ladies, my husband loves it! And what's incredible about it is I don't use a concealer. Mind you, I have scarred myself into oblivion picking with my acne, lol, which of course is a serious NO-NO!
But, with my new foundation, I don't need a concealer, I can build my coverage which I've found myself wearing a moderate level of foundation. It does match my skin AND neck so there's no difference in skin tones.

Because I just believe in powder , lol, I use my oil-blotting powder from MAC that I got the day of my wedding; what I love most about this powder is that it doesn't add any type of coverage, it just "mattes" me out...so I lightly dust this on my entire face, definitely getting my eyes since I've been playing more boldly with my eyeshadows.

Now, my total cost for the Iman foundation was $14 and some change after tax. For some people, it may be expensive but knowing myself as well as I do, I would spend that over the course of a few weeks still trying to hunt down a matching foundation.

I am happy with my purchase and I would recommend for those of you who were like me to try Iman out. There's a stick foundaiton but I found that the stick made me oily and if you have oily skin already, you would need a powder to matte it...the cream to powder compact just worked for me though so it's really a personal choice.

And yes, PrettySecrets21, that's me as the bride in my Avatar. I got married on December 1, 2007 to THE sexiest and most loving man of God in the entire universe!

this is a problem for the ages! every single line i've tried including mac and fashion fair i'm basically between shades. the only exact match i've ever found was to get color matched at prescriptives. i'm a die hard custom blend customer, but for drug store makeup i like posner. i know it's old school but the range of colors works for just about everyone i know and it's pretty inexpensive. my only complaint is that if you have oily skin you'll need to blot often, but it never broke me out and that is a plus as well!

Now, when I discovered Posner, I discovered the Cover Cream and I thought this was just awesome...but again, I wasn't as knowledgeable about oil-blotting options like blotting sheets, oil-blotting powders like what I have from MAC so my skin got super slick with Posner's cover cream. But, I do admit, they have a range of colors that seem to be a wonderful buffet for WOC makeup.


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