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Aug 4, 2005
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ive been dying my hair at home for a while now and have become tired of it fading.

and because ive decided to go for shades closer to my natural colour [a light to medium ashy brown] i want to make sure it doesnt fade

i have short hair around the chin... a little lower but not near my shoulders.

i was wondering generally the average cost it would be to get my hair dyed professionally just one tone. [no highlights or low lights or anything]

any estimates? because right now im imagining anything from 30 to 100 dollars =(

ANY ESTIMATE at all would be help

depending on what kind of salon you go to, about $50-$70 i think.

Yeah it really depends where you go... if you go to a real popular & ritzy salon... a color could cost well over $200. So you have to call up a few places that you know and ask their range for a single process color. But don't be surprised if their color starts to fade too... all color will change a bit when it oxidizes, so just because they are charging you big bucks, you are paying for the 'colorist's expertise" - not really the product itself. Hair color itself is actually pretty cheap - and peroxide, well they sell gallons for less than $20. So sometimes 'bigger' isn't always 'better'.
You might want to try a level darker... so when it oxidizes - you'll end up with something similar to what you wanted originally.

And btw... welcome to MuT!!!

expect to pay at least 50, 60, 70 for color. I seriously doubt you can get color for 30 or 40.


It really does depend where you go, I have a huge history with getting my hair done and I have gotten it done at 15 different places. The cheapest I have ever paid for was $50, she did an awesome job and I loved everything, but she got way popular and couldn't schedule me in and we just grew apart. The highest I have paid $120- this lady was so awesome but for the price, I couldn't afford it every 2 months. I have also paid $65, $85, $100 and $115. You should call and ask, most places will ask how long your hair is and how thick it is, and its cheaper if its shorter and thinner. However, if you want to chance it, I know I have, I have gotten my hair done at beauty school. It actually came out really cool and I paid $40, and I got 3 colors. They do have a supervisors and hair techs there and they overlook their students to make sure they are doing a good job and doing what they are supposed to be doing.


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