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Feb 5, 2006
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Coon Rapids MN
ok i'm posting this here, if it's in the worng place i'm sorry.

ok ,

I'm on Yasmin BC pills, and I'm on my non-active pills, it's been 3 days, and I havent gotten my period yet. we did have sex w/o anything besides the pill, and I took it about 2 hours late then normal, becuse of work.

is there a chance that I am pregnant??

any advise on this would be good, and thanks for help in advance.

Taking it a few hours later than usual wouldn't have made a difference, but it is possible to get pregnant on the pill. Probably not what you wanted to hear. There are pregnancy tests that can pick up the hormone at the stage you are now. Don't make yourself miserable over it any longer than you have to. Go get a test. Remember this though, lots of things can make your period late. Are you under more stress than usual, new meds? Anything different physically??????

Sending you a big hug while you are worried


I just recently started BC again, and this was my first month on it. I've had issues with not having my period for like 3 months, then i had one, then i didn't have one, so i went back on bc. and i'm on my white pills(sugar pills) and it's been 4 days out of 7 and I haven't gotten it yet. so...hm...

I currently don't have insurance, so i'm kinda in a hard space.

when I went to the doc she said becuse i was sexually active, she wouldn't give me anything to make my period come. she said we don't HAVE to have periods. but it makes me worry because i want to get pregnant someday, and wouldn't that mean that i'm not ovulating.

I donno.

The fact that this is your first month on it is the issue and I would go get a pregnancy test.

I would recommend to anyone starting birth control to wait AT LEAST THREE MONTHS before you stop using the condom as it takes a while for the body to udjust to BC.

And even then, unless you can guarantee yourself your partner wont cheat on you (or you him) and that you are exclusive together for a good while AND have gotten tested - I would still use a condom as it doesnt protect you from std's.

Originally Posted by PaleBeauty66 /img/forum/go_quote.gif I took a test it was negative, and my period came today! yay! I know you feel better now. I'm glad for you.


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