Worse than a poopy diaper?!?!?

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Mar 29, 2007
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so my son'r room was just REAKING... i thiught it was his laundry... nope. his diaper pail... nope... his sheets... nope...

then FINALLY i found it- under his pile of suffed animals was a FULL milk bottle of CHEEEEESE...

or curd, or whatever rotting separating milk turns into.


i emptied it outside in the street gutter and a miniscule drop landed on the bottom of my pj's and it's still overwhelming!

Spoiled milk smells like old vomit. Ewwww. Go reward yourself and buy yourself a new pair of sexy PJS!

Ew, ew, ew, ew! Cyera used to have bottles that would get caught in the crib between the wall, and we couldn't find it until we smelled it! That's definitely got to be one of the worst smells on earth! Blech!

I know what you mean I used to find bottle in side of the crib.They stink really bad.

That's happened to me, too. I just throw away the sippy cup, bottle or whatever it was. It is nasty!!!!

i did reward myself today and got Parrot at MAC, hahaha (a true makeup junkie)

Yeah ive had those days too when you find rotten milk and ill tell you one thing. you never get used to that smell

Ewwwww.... I worked in an egg farm and had to chase thousands of chickens down in the Chicken shit and grab them 4 in each hand and stuff them into crates to be sent off to Cambels to make chicken soup.... That smell still stickes with me and I don't eat Cambels Chicken noodle soup anymore!! 4 decades later... lol


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