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Jan 3, 2013
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I love MAC eye shadow, but it is getting a little to expensive for my budget. Do you think it's worth the $14 or is there another brand out there with similar eye shadow for cheaper?

I'm really liking BH cosmetics palettes. The colors are really pigmented. But I also think MAC is worth it.

You can look for dupes of similar colors. If it's not within your budget, then you should probably try expanding into different brands and products that'll give you the results without breaking the bank. :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Honestly, no. MAC isn't worth it. I stopped using their stuff for several years & didnt miss them even a bit. Most of their products are overhyped. I started buying some of their products again in 2012, but very few. Mostly from limited edition collections & products that were actually somewhat original. Which isn't much with MAC. If I do really want something of theirs, I'll very often wait til it comes up in a blog sale from somebody I know & trust at a dirt cheap price (makeup artist friends) or buy it much later after it's released & many reviews are already out there. I found a trustworthy supplier online who is known for having authentic MAC, & other mid to high end products, who often has decent prices. Unlike the thieves on eBay who are selling MAC products at seriously jacked up prices, or selling fake MAC for dirt cheap prices, or selling fake MAC products at jacked up prices. Check out Makeup Geek eyeshadows if you're looking for high quality eyeshadows. They're half the price of MAC & much better quality IMO Many other people are of the same opinion as well. Her eyeshadows are exactly the same size & come in refill pans or little compacts exactly like MAC's do. And they're incredibly good. She's also now got lip products, gel liners (gorgeous shades & killer staying power), as well as some cream shadows I picked up when she had some original formula ones she was getting rid of at a discount before launching her final cream shadow formula. I believe she said that she's coming out with cheek products this year and will eventually have an entire line including foundations, concealers, mascara etc. Makeup Geek products are well worth checking out. And they've got exceptional customer service. I believe I now have at least 20 of her products, if not more. Not one has disappointed me. Although I haven't yet tried her lip products, but they seem to get really good reviews.

Originally Posted by Coleen /img/forum/go_quote.gif

I love MAC eye shadow, but it is getting a little to expensive for my budget. Do you think it's worth the $14 or is there another brand out there with similar eye shadow for cheaper?
I love covergirl foundation, loose powder and eyeshadow. I use Maybelline rocket blast mascara, Maybelline eyeliner and Maybelline lip gloss. I have no problems with any of it. I used to buy Lancome makeup and I really don't see any difference.

I think it's to expensive unless you like one or two shades there are other good brands for example: 

wet n wild 


bh cosmetics 




makeup geek 


I really do like MAC, but I find Inglot and Nyx to be comparable in color intensity. They both last just as long as my MAC shadow when worn over an eye primer. 

I never think mid to high end cosmetics worth their price as I haven't had problem with my indie company stuff and drugstore products. Which makes me wonder....has anyone ever got something that only works well in high end brands? I don't really feel like paying more than $10 for a single item besides foundation. I can't justify myself spending $48 on an underpigmented Lancome eyeshadow palette over a pigmented $3 wet n' wild trio.

I never thought mac was worth it. I only bought stuff at one of their warehouse sales because they were basically half price. I think there are so many other companies that offer the same kind of quality and various colours too. Sure I guess there are some mac essential colours but definitely not worth it to continuously purchase.

I have been obsessed with the LOreal Infallible eye shadows lately, they are super pigmented and have a nice texture and they are only around 8 dollars.

I think MAC is worth if to someone like me, because I collect makeup. Like, my collection is insured for $20,000 and worth about triple that, so for me the collections and permament products are all just pieces for my collection. But, for someone just getting into makeup and/or not wanting to spend a ton of money, drugstore products work just fine. I own a ton of drugstore products and some of them are my favorites.


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