Would short hair look good on me?

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Nov 27, 2012
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Ive been thinking about cutting my hair for a while now. My hair is past my boobs and Im really bored with it. Its wavy so i straighten it a lot. I used to have short hair back when i was like 9 years old but looking back I looked really really chunky lol. I was chubby when i was a kid and short hair made it worse. It was like two inches past my chin and i had it straight back then. After i permed it it grew back wavy. If i cut it it would be during the holidays. Im just really bored and i dont know what else to do with it. It takes forever to grow and Im tired of waiting for it to grow. I wanted it long but not anymore. I just want to know if I should cut it short and if yes, how short and what kind of haircut. If not, should i leave it long just like i have it or cut it a different way but leave it long? Should i dye it just to get rid of the boredom i have? What color should i dye it? I would be happy with any advice! Thank you so much for reading this! 

I chuckled a little at your post. You sound like me being all impatient about your hair growing. You know what helped me? I started doing more complicated hairdos like fishtails and fancy braids. I got a ton of compliments and at the same time I wasn't all bored and hating my hair. Plus if you put your hair back you tend to stress it with pulling and tangling less.

lol, i tried braids but they would fall off because my hair is in layers. or maybe i wasnt doing them tight enough. :/ but i think ill try it again though. haha, thank you! 

I just cut 6 inches off my hair because it was really unhealthy. I went for an angled chin length bob and it looks really good. I get a ton of complements...but to be honest, I want my long hair back!!! The thing I find with short hair is that you Always have to do it, no p-tails, messy buns, braids etc. just short wavy or straight hair. Talk about boring! Plus if you are someone who doesn't like to spend time fully blowing out and styling your hair every day, short hair will be a pain. It's a lot of work to keep it looking fresh and also it requires frequent styling/trims to keep it from looking too 'mom' or little girl. If you want to go shorter just make sure you pick a length that fits your beauty style! Good luck!!