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Mar 29, 2007
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if you read my journals you will know that i had my big makeup and hair day for the LoveFest yesterday, and i have to say i was really excited by the products i used. i did a lot of makeup this weekend, so i am only going to name the products i would give an award to for giving it their all.

I knew that we were going to be outside all day from makeup to the end of the event, but i wasn't expecting the weather to be crystal clear and sunny in SAN FRANCISCO ( i have tan lines and my husband is sunburnt!!!) so i didn't consider the extra sweat factor. but sure enough every girl looked just as good by 9p than they did when they were freshly done up at 8a.

after they moisturized, i had them apply the Monistat Soothing Care Powder-Gel to their faces (after buying a small squeeze bottle to put the product in- i didn't want to freak them out, hehehe), and let it set in.

they applied their own foundation.

i also prepped the under eyes with Dior Skin Flash in 003 to brighten up any dark areas.

i of course used UDPP, and wet applied their eye shadows.

the NYX Loose Pearl in Pearl was a universal brow and inner v highlighter for all the eyes i did.

and my Makeup Forever Diamond Shadow in Diamond Black was universal blender in the outer v & with all my other shadows made great colored smoky eyes.

Duo Surgical Adhesive kept all the girl's lashes on all night, and when it came time to take them off, they were almost scared! (no worries- no skin or real lashes lost)

i finished all the girls with a spray of Ben Nye Final Seal (beware around eye area when you spray on!)

my only product i wasn't so excited about was the Makeup Forever Lip Sealant, it helped make the lips last, but not all day. next time i will stick to my HG, Lipchic.

i cant wait to show you all pics for the day... i didn't have time to do everything i envisioned, let alone remembering to grab my camera (costumes, makeup and hair was a big challenge), but all in all, the girls looked really awesome!

first pic of the day:

Elena, Tiff, Shelby


ooh i cant wait to see pics!!!! but im glad it worked out well!

Yes, we definitely want pics. Awesome that it turned out well for you.

i'm so excited to see your pics! it sounds like you had a ball! congrats on a great success!

wow! sounds great!! wish i could have been there ~wink~

waiting for pictures...xoxo

Sounds like you had a good time, I'm glad to hear so many products worked like they should for you. Looking forward to seeing pics!


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