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May 17, 2012
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While I do hauls all the time this is the first one that I have admit to, lol.  After hearing about a possible Philosophy product sale at Big Lots of all places I took the time to visit all three in my area.  The first two were busts, nothing at all to be had, but the third paid off.  I ended up getting:

The Color of Grace Amazing Grace Coloring Book

Supernatural Lit from WIthin Cream Blush in Bare Your Soul

Supernatural Lit from Within Cream Blush in Look on the Bright Side

Mineral Blush Duo in Healthy/Happy

The Color of Grace Art of Blushing in Pink Dreams

Amazing Grace Shimmering Face Powder

Eyelighting Shadow Duo in Heaven/Earth

I got all  of these for 3 bucks each!  I was so thrilled.  I have never tried Philosophy makeup because it was too expensive but this gave me a great opportunity to do so!

Immediately after I read this I ran out to my nearest Big Lots and searched for Philosophy.  I searched high and low and after about 20 minutes I was about to give up but I found three small buckets full of philosophy products.  I spent out $60 on products for me, my mother, my sisters, and gifts for friends as well.  This was a serious steal!  Thanks for posting

Before the Big Lots sale, I didn't even know that Philosophy had make-up products. That's so sad for a beauty blogger, I know. I didn't pick anything up at Big Lots, but great haul:)

Oh wow, great haul! It's been years since I've shopped at a Big Lots, but it looks like they have lots of great stuff there. I absolutely love Philosophy (everything except for the price!), so I think it's time for me to head out and check out Big Lots!

I went to another store this weekend.  I had been there last Monday and they told me that they were still unloading their truck.  I have four girls in my family and friend of family that are graduating right about now.  I am making them all gift baskets to take to college with them and I thought I might be able to find different stuff from my earlier trip.  I scored eye shadow sets, lip gloss and a few other things from this Big Lots in their Philosophy section.  It was on the opposite side of the store from the makeup though ladies, so you have to look.  It was a great addition to their little gift baskets and they are all make up junkies and will love these additions hopefully!!!

I was shopping last weekend with my friend and we stopped in at Big Lots to see if we could find these dishwasher pellets she likes.  I was waiting near the front of the store where I spied the Philosophy display.  LOL, when my friend came back she was shocked to see me sitting on the floor in front of the display going through the selection.  I overbought :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />  I kept one of each item and gave the rest away.  What a great find!  All the makeup was fresh and unopened.  I guess Philosophy is just closing out the amazing grace makeup line.  Here's what I got:

  • Supernatural coloring book ( lip gloss x 2, eye shadow x 2, cream blush x 1, powder blush x 2)
  • Color of Grace Amazing Grace Coloring book (lip gloss x 2, eye shadow x 2, illuminator, powder blush, and shimmering face powder)
  • Supernatural windows to the soul Plum delicious (eye shadow x 4 with very nice applicator brush)
  • Supernatural windows to the soul Box of truffles (eye shadow x 4 with brush)
  • Color of Grace angel kiss lip trio (three glosses with lip brush applicator)
  • Cream blushes x 2
  • Amazing Grace shimmering face powder (works graet as a highlighter)
  • Lip gloss in Pretty please
  • 2 brushes

I also bought some extras to give as gifts.  This was a fantastic find!  I'll try to post pics later.

That's an excellent haul! My Big Lots didn't have nearly as much stuff. I've never actually used any of Philosophy's makeup before, but their bath, body and skincare stuff is pretty amazing. Have you used any of it yet?

Originally Posted by StellaSunshine /img/forum/go_quote.gif

That is a great haul!!!  I may go back and get a couple of the pink brushes.  One of the stores I went to had them and for some reason I didn't buy a single one, lol. 

Originally Posted by ladygrey /img/forum/go_quote.gif

That's an excellent haul! My Big Lots didn't have nearly as much stuff. I've never actually used any of Philosophy's makeup before, but their bath, body and skincare stuff is pretty amazing. Have you used any of it yet?
I have been using the supernatural coloring book palette and I love it.  The glosses are really nice, too!  They don't feel sticky at all, just moisturizing.  Oh, and the shimmering face powder isn't overly sparkly and has the scent of the amazing grace perfume.  Smells divine when you put it on.....

I have a few of the philosophy body washes and always enjoy them.  I never knew philosophy had such a diverse makeup line.

omg... this is making me have to go to Big Lots! ayaiyai... Idk when I'll have time this week. I might have to wait till Monday! I hope my Big Lots has some good stuff!