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May 17, 2012
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While I do hauls all the time this is the first one that I have admit to, lol.  After hearing about a possible Philosophy product sale at Big Lots of all places I took the time to visit all three in my area.  The first two were busts, nothing at all to be had, but the third paid off.  I ended up getting:

The Color of Grace Amazing Grace Coloring Book

Supernatural Lit from WIthin Cream Blush in Bare Your Soul

Supernatural Lit from Within Cream Blush in Look on the Bright Side

Mineral Blush Duo in Healthy/Happy

The Color of Grace Art of Blushing in Pink Dreams

Amazing Grace Shimmering Face Powder

Eyelighting Shadow Duo in Heaven/Earth

I got all  of these for 3 bucks each!  I was so thrilled.  I have never tried Philosophy makeup because it was too expensive but this gave me a great opportunity to do so!


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