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Oct 22, 2007
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Good morning ladies (and gentlemen)

I found this site from another site I am a forum member of...Aromaleigh. Unfortunately, I can't post the link yet since I don't have 10 posts. Just put a .com after it and you'll find it. She's having a 15% off sale right now, which is good for another 2 days.

I am an avid forum member there and post ALOT of my eye looks under the same name of momof2angels. I am currently the featured gallery on the gallery page

I look forward to checking out everybody else's looks and finding more inspiration.

Hi and welcome to mut! Aromaleigh is mmu, right? Anyway, there is a coupon section where you can post this discount code. Please take a minute to review the rules/regs as you are a member of another forum and we do have restrictions about when/where/how you talk about them. Thanks and looking forward to seeing your FOTD's!


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