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Sep 3, 2005
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This is what I've been saying to myself whenever I do my e/s with more than one color. I seriously need help with choosing colors and where to place each color. I've been through all of the tutorials on this site, and for some reason, I'm just not getting it

Will somebody please break it down for me and show me the way! How do you know what goes where? I can blend pretty well, I just can't get a decent overall look when I'm done.

When I use multiple eyeshadows, I follow the general guideline of a light color in the inner corner, medium in the middle and dark in the crease.

Originally Posted by SimplyElegant /img/forum/go_quote.gif Well it depends on the shape of your eye. ITA!
Makeup Makeovers by Robert Jones is a great book that has a section on how to apply light, medium, and dark eyeshadows according to your eye shape.
You might want to check that book out.

Yea, it definitely depends on the shape of your eyes! Honestly, I feel the exact same way though, but I FORCE myself to keep going until the whole look is done. Generally I put a light color on my lid and a darker color on the outer corners of my and into and slightly above my crease. If I put it *in* my crease like most people do, it would not be noticeable at all!

But I feel like I always look like a clown until the whole look is done. I leave mascara for last and always been awesome with the look as soon as it's on!

I have the same problem

And the e/s with each one labeled where it goes - not helpful for me.

same problem here girl, so don't feel like the ONLY clown! =) I just give up, I rather avoid looking like a clown. Eyeshadow, bleh =P

Everyone here gave great advice... but I also recommend practicing application on someone other than yourself.

It will give you an idea of what you are doing and what you can change, improve on.

Yes the eye shape might be different but the perspective is also different.

i agree with what everyone said.

on a random note, i grew up in a small town so the day i went in with bright green shadow i acutally had someone in a bar ask me to my face if i was a hooker. then i decided im never wearing bright colored makeup when i go back home to visit cause no one understands.

then again until i moved i used to think the same way, then baby steps later im now addicted to color!

one word


seriously..start from lighter (inner eye) to darker(at crease end)

and blend blend and blend like your life depends on it!!


Thanks for the replies and support, ladies. As far as the lighter (inner eye) to darker in the crease, I've seen on this site that that's not necessarily the standard formula. There are multiple ways to place shadows on the lid, for example:

one shade all over the lid

another shade on the bottom half of the lid

another shade in the crease

another shade on the corners

blend blend blend

and somehow it comes out looking great!

When I try this, I end up looking like a hot mess! Sometimes it ends up looking like I have one one or two colors when I've tried to layer four!

@ Retro-Violet - don't worry, I stand out too from time to time. There's this purple/pink/smokey look that I like to try, and to me, I think it looks good (after about 1 hour of effort). And when I say I stand out, I mean all of the way OUT! Then I'm like, is it me or them who don't have a clue? LOL.

It must boil down to the shape of my eyes. I try pretty hard to achieve the cat-eye look on the corners, and it's just not working for me. I blend up and outwards, and still, it's hard to get those corners to go up. *sigh* practice makes perfect. I won't give up yet, I'll just keep on practicing and hopefully things will get better.

Which leads me to ask: for those of you who are good at this, how long did it take before you officially knew what you were doing and could achieve a good look/concept consistently?

You can definitely deviate from the light to dark, but it's just a starting point.

Me, I'm sort of hopeless too. But typically go with a darker color all over the lid and a lighter shade up to the brow bone; over if I'm being sloppy



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