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Aug 8, 2006
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So, I was in Ny this week and Youngblood minerals was doing a trunk show. It wasa madhouse and I so wanted to try this for my oily skin that tends to look like I have huge pores with most mineral makeups. Anyway has anyone tried it and is it good for oily skin?

I think it's very good. It contains Bismuth however, and if you're sensitive to Bismuth then you won't want it. I find that it hides my pores and has a nice medium coverage, but I've read some reviews saying that it accentuated their pores. They offer a sample set which I suggest you try, since I've read a lot of mixed reviews. I love this makeup however, because it gives me a silky smooth finish.

I recently had one of their reps come out and show me their products. Their colours are pretty nice, though I must say, even though it's a mineral make up, I found it to be quite heavy feeling on my skin.

their shadows are lush though

I am turned off by this product for a couple of reasons, first is the bismuth, which is something I hate, and the other one being the name. There is no way that I would wear a brand that decided to call itself "youngblood" it's just a horrid name.

Anyway back on subject, why don't you sample some of the popular mmu brands listed on this forum before forking over the cash for youngblood?

lol the name turns me off too, I couldn't for the life of me understand why anyone would call their make up "youngblood" until I read the into the rep gave me, it's the woman who started the make up lines surname.

Where I work there's a plastic surgery office that recommends mineral makeup for their patients, and Youngblood is the brand that they sell -

I thought their prices were expensive, so I looked it up online and they're selling it for exactly the same prices as you can get it online for.

Apparently they used to sell another brand but switched to the Youngblood and everyone (staff and patients) likes it a lot better. I'd try it, but it's a little bit expensive for me.

I've bought it off a seller on Ebay in the past a bit cheaper. It was one of the first mineral foundations I've tried. It reminded me of Bare Essentials but a bit heavier.

I have only tested YB on my hand in the store but the foundations looked very shimmery, even more than BE. I would not use it on my oily/combo skin since I know that shimmery foundations make my pores look huge.

I have oily skin too and I also avoid anything with too much glow because it accentuates my pores. Besides, I have enough natural glow as it is...too much, in fact, that I always have to mattify my face to compensate.

Anyway, I think that Youngblood is overpriced and overrated.

Im glad you started this thread. I went to the mall the other day and saw that a store was starting to carry it. I tried it on my hand and it looked too glittery(sp?) and it was just too heavy and chalky. Maybe with the right brushes it might work. The name turns me off too though.

It does have a lot of a "gleam" in the product. It also has bismuth, so if you don't like the gleam or are irritated by bismuth, youngblood isn't for you.


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