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Feb 5, 2004
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ok i know this is not really related to make up topics but i had to post it here. I just want to know what are your beauty magazine subscriptions or ones that you read regularly. Mine are: Allure Glamour Seventeen Lucky W Cosmo Vogue Entertainment: US weekly

OH Reija will have a list!!

At one point in time I think I was subscribed to them all at once..Now I only get Allure

I used to get them all too but now I get Allure and Glamour. I also get Shape, Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazines and also Gourmet for cooking. I buy some other magazines occasionally if the magazine cover catches my eye at the store.

Since my subscriptions have a 2 fold see what is out there for makeup and to see images that inspire me I am always looking for more magazines. Sometimes I just buy the magazines on the newstands or bookstores, but I am always getting tons of them. mine are: Allure W V Zink American Photo American Salon American Spa Skin Inc. Elle Glamour Marie Clair Vogue (I get their other ones too like German Vogue, Paris Vogue, etc.) and what ever magazine grabs my attention. I like seeing and reading new magazines. Candace Corey Makeup & Hair Artist

The magazine's i have on subscription are Glamour, Ultra Fit and Eve.Marie Claire is always a good read. I am a magazine addict and so will buy Instyle, She,Company, Elle and Red. I gave up Cosmopolitian and will let my Glamour subscription expire. Although Glamour is ok, i get bored and frustrated when it is the same month in month out. The only difference is that the make up colors are different. I feel thatthe main aim of the magazine is to sell SELL SELL! Even the articles they print are very short and only skim the surface. In my eyes Cosmopolitian is so boring and is always full of articles on sex. I think when women get to a certain age they need more than what these magazine's can offer in terms of a satisfying interesting read that isn't geared for 18 year olds. Real women need more!


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