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Apr 23, 2006
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This is one of my family's. Each year we get together and make massive amounts of cookies. Then at the end of the day, we dress up and take a pic. The guys grumble but they do it. That's my 80 year old grandmother up front and my daughter beside her and my mom beside my daughter. The others are my uncle and his family and my moms best friend is hidden. This is our 7th annual that we did yesterday. I'm taking the pic of course.

ImportedPhotos00078.jpg cute! That's a great tradition! My mom and I are going to make cookies this week! I don't think she'd put on the nose and stuff though!! LOL!!

I'm with the guy on the left.

On Christmas day my extended family and I go for Chinese food and go to a movie.

We don't have any.

I hope SO and I can start one this year. I need some ideas.....

I hope you were wearing antlers and red nose when taking the photo, kelly? lol

We open gifts from family members on Christmas eve and get new pyjamas too. We always bake cookies and cakes too.

Im not sure if these are traditions, me and my grandma, sometimes the rest of our family, we always bake piles of cakes and cookies, and Christmas day she always cooks lamb and potatoes with other stuff and everyone drinks wine lol.

Um the only tradition we have is that everyone goes to my Grandparents for dinner. The little kids are the only ones who get presents anymore though my Grandpa passes out money and he used to pass out scratch off tickets.

Each year on Christmas Eve, my husband and I order in sushi and have a floor picnic under the tree; we had always spent Christmas Eve with his family but we had a big falling out with them when we got married so we designated Christmas Eve as OUR day for OUR family. We always decorate the tree and hang the stockings on Advent and then we open one present each on Advent and Christmas Eve. Finally, every year we take our favorite picture from the year, put it in an ornament frame, and hang it on the tree; last year it was one of our wedding pics and this year it's a picture of us and our dog in our new backyard.