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Feb 27, 2005
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List your favorite brushes. It can be any brand, and what you use them for.

L'oreal Concealor Brush - obviously for concealor, works well for undereyes

Aromaleigh Delectable Kabuki - love this for my minerals

Sephora Bronzer Brush - love this for bronzer and blush

MAC #213 - perfect for lid color or doing a wash

Essence of Beauty Crease Brush - similar to MAC #219, perfect for crease and browbone/inner eye highlight

Stila #13 Eyeliner Brush - great for push lining

I dont own many to be honest but my 2 fave would be my

Bobbi Brown Kabuki & MAC #239

I don't know the names of mine..., but that little shorty squatty kabuki one, and another from Bare Minerals are the one I use on my face.

As far as a eyeshadow brush? I use the ones from Nat Robbins

i use my BE kabuki for my mineral foundations.


311 for wetlining pigments

209 for fluidlines

239 for lid and crease shadow application

231 for applying pigments

217 and 224 for blending

i use a cover girl brush for doing washes for color i love that brush

i use my mac 242 or my cheapo 242 lookalike for concealer.

MAC 266 or cheapo 266 lookalike for brows


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