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Feb 7, 2012
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Hey Ladies, I find this whole “phenomenon†realllllly interesting! What are your main reasons for watching YouTube beauty channels?


I only really watch a few, but my three favorites are:

LeighAnnSays -
I love her attitude, it's very similar to my attitude. I also like her style, her makeup, it's very very similar to my style and makeup. So, everything that she talks about I know that I would love.

Andrea's Choice -
I love her bubbly attitude and she's quite funny, but I love her makeup and her hair taste.

Temptalia -
I like that she shows the newest collections and does swatches, but she also gives her honest opinions on each of them. I usually find out about collections through her channel.

Otherwise, that's really it. 

were you the girl who was writing her dissertation on youtube makeup or something? I think the answer is pretty straightforward--to learn different techniques and get inspired. also, to look up product reviews.

Yea that was me, I am really trying to find out why it is so popular and why so many people watch them, the views are massive on some videos.  the why and what the motivations are is my main reason for research.  Thanks for all your input

Hi I am Bethany and I am age ten from England, please can you look at my channel I would really love it Jaynebethany02 Thank you

Well for me I have my own channel and I like watching other youtubers to see what they are making videos about and new looks that they have come up with and to see the new products that are out there to get more info about products I would like to do reviews on so I get more feed back on the product because we all know what works on one persons skin can be diffrent! 

I watch YouTube (daily) because I am always on the look out for good makeup tips, routines, and suggestions. A few I really like are itsjudytime & gossmakeupartist. I have a youtube page too ( but I don't have any followers because I havent decided to do makeup tutorials myself (one day but not just yet). The people I follow are awsome. You should look at them too. I feel I can never know too much about makeup because its always changing. I've recenlty started to follow nail tutorials too. Iam on instagram for the nail art I have tried myself too.  :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I like watching beauty girls on Youtube for inspiration. I love when they can take colors and put them together in a way that I would have never thought and it has helped me think out of the box with makeup. When I first started, I wouldn't dare go outside of my Naked palette and now I'll try just about anything once. I also like going there for reviews about new products or just products in general that I am considering purchasing. I hate wasting money on cosmetics so I tend to read as many beauty blog reviews and watch as many videos as possible. 

Also, watching these videos inspired me to make my own. Yes, they may not be amazing like the people I look up to, but they are such an amazing creative outlet. It's a ton of work but I have enjoyed experimenting and learning how to improve and make each one better. 

Kind of a windy post, but beauty girls on Youtube mean so much to me. I found them at a time when I just felt completely blah and it just re-sparked my creativity and gave me something to be passionate about again. :D /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I love using Youtube for inspiration of new beauty looks, makeup techniques, latest trends but more than that I like the sense of community within an area you are really passionate about. For instance, beauty. I love all things beauty related and I love being able to meet other people that share that same passion and engage with them, exchange ideas, inspiration, support.

I Love Watching Theglamourdayz, I watch her because she is from where I used to live and she has amazing tips.

I really like watching her get ready with me videos :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I have a beauty channel. The main reason I decided to make one was to encourage people (women especially) to be more confident in their own skin. After all true beauty comes from within. I've struggled with insecurities most of my life and I've found when I feel beautiful on the outside I also feel it on the inside and that confidence shows. I love watching other youtubers who encourage the same thing and aren't afraid to be themselves. 

If you wanna check out my channel heres the link.


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