Yves Rocher`s cosmetic line-does anyone familiar with it?

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Feb 6, 2007
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Hi girls,

As I`ve been already written before, I`m going to Europe, Hungary, next week.

Naturally, I`d really like to try there some new brands, something that I wouldn`t been able to get in my country. Making some googling, I`ve found that they have a natural cosmetic`s line, Yves Rocher, that offers some very tempting cosmetic and body/face care products. The prices are also pretty attractive if you chech out their site!

If somebody of you already familiar with this brand, please give me your comments on that. I really don`t want to buy a "cat in a bag"

Yves is a great product, they used to have a thing where you could get a bunch of samples, but that was a long time ago. A little high-priced though.


thats cool

enjoy the trip!

well i have some products from a gift from here on mut

but i only tried their balms (i love them )

their body washes and body cream

they really nice

you can comper them to our brand careline

i guss....

I like Yves Rocher a lot,their face creams are great,also body lotions and some perfumes,I havent tried their makeup line. If you going for makeup,definitely take a look at Manhattan and Artdeco lines.

hey girls, Yves rocher has an amazing foundation and eyeliner, I just tried them out recently and really LOVED them.

The foundation has awesome coverage and is cheap! only thing i didnt love was the smell but its not that bad, and you get used to it.

The eyeliner stays on my waterline for hours and is so creamy and pigmented! deff worth the money :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> 

Honestly? I find the line just okay - no better or no worse than any drugstore lines here.

At the same token, they always have excellent - BOGO (which I rarely see anywhere else, except for like shrinkwrapped Ponds Cold Cream), 50% clearances. They overhauled a lot of the makeup from what I remember, like 2 years ago? And I wasn't really impressed before or after.

But when the DermaCalm Redness Reducing Moisturizer goes on sale, you can bet I stalk up. Their brushes shed a lot, but they have a blush & retractable kabuki brush for whatever reason, that wash really well, don't shed and are good for travel. Cheap to replace, too, if you catch a sale on the brushes.