Yves Saint Laurent End-of-Year Collection

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Jan 10, 2007
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  • Poudre Compacte Pour Le Teint ($52) is a matte compact powder and blush with an adorable embellished heart design. Inside you'll find a Pink Beige (background color) powder and a Rose Whisper (heart) blush that looks great on most skin tones.
  • Fards À Paupières Four Colors ($50) is a metallic, pastel-colored eye shadow quad that creates a soft and sexy smoky eye. The shadows contain mother-of-pearl and mica particles that result in a smooth, shiny, and easily blendable texture. The colors in the quad are Silver Green, Steel Pink, Gold Platinum, and Bronze. Each shade can be worn wet or dry, and Gold Platinum can also double as a highlighter.
  • Rouge Pure Shine Lipstick ($28) is an already existing product that is now available in two new limited-edition colors: Red Desire (garnet red) and Starry Dream (sparkling and pale gold). Both of these colors can be worn alone or blended together.
  • La Laque Nail Enamel ($18) is also an addition to a preexisting product. Two new shades, Red Desire and Starry Dream, have been added to complement the lipsticks. The polishes are very shiny and have a quick-dry formula.
That powder/blush compact is adorable! It's looks a little difficult to use, though...how do you keep the powders from mixing together?

Originally Posted by magosienne /img/forum/go_quote.gif me want the lipsticks
i love St laurent Pure Shine lippies. Best darn shine/ color combos. Never overdone. I just got Red Strass from Ebay and i love it. Perfect for the winter.