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December 2013 - No/Low Buy Thread

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Originally Posted by katielp View Post

Thank you!!

On a different note - I just cancelled Ipsy, it was only contributing to my problem of stuff I use once or twice and then never again.


Aww, congrats! That's a good idea. I actually have been on the waitlist for about 2 months now, and I'm trying to decide between just cancelling (since I'm sure most of the products I receive I won't use, and I'm trying to do cruelty-free products from now on) and keeping it until I get one month just to see.....


But I may just cancel it too.... what should I do? I guess I know the answer, but somehow can't seem to pass up the cheap thrill of it. There is a vegan beauty box, but it's much more expensive, and I just can't bring myself to subscribe.



On another note, I did not do well for my no buy in December.


First of all, I purchased the UD N3 palette with $15 off, but then I sold it on ebay and made my money back plus some.


Then at Big Lots I got myself a natural nail brush and a Sephora by OPI nail polish in 'Dear Diary'.


Then I purchased a Unii palette (with Christmas money) because it was on sale for $24. Got it for $28 total, including shipping.


Then, to fill my Unii palette to my dream specifications, I had to purchase a smaller pan of bronzer, a powder highlight, and some powder eyebrow cakes because I broke my Amy Head one that I was trying to depot. :( (So, that's $5 for the bronzer, $20 for a palette which has eyeshadows and a powder highlight, including a matte dark shadow I can use for powder eyeliner), $6 for the eyebrow powder. 


Then to get free shipping with that stuff to fill my palette, I added some makeup remover and shea butter, which added $8 and $15, respectively.


At least I sold my green trench coat on Ebay for $25... not much, but every little bit helps.


Then, I purchased my Paula's Choice skincare system for $135 because I'm running out of  my current skincare items, and I'm going cruelty-free for the new year.


Then, I needed to get an eyelash curler, and had a coupon of 10% off and free shipping, plus a free sample at dermstore.com, so I got my Japonesque professional eyelash curler for $12.52 shipped.


So, basically....... I'm broke from all that plus the holidays (gifts, special food items, shipping for said gifts, gas money for visits, postage for cards).


Now ..... I'm going to really work to be as frugal as possible. It's just so hard. What is wrong with  me? Goddddddogggit!!! I need help. I used to be so frugal, what happened?


It's as if once you start letting yourself buy things for yourself, it gets easier and more fun and then you just go off the deep end. I need to find another way to spend my time.




I'm going to try to list a couple of makeup products for trade/sell here. Any tips in particular on doing that?

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Originally Posted by saycrackagain View Post


I posted earlier that I had finished two nail polishes in November. Now........I have finished FIVE more!!!!! They are all full-size as well! Three colors, two glitters and a basecoat. YAY!!!!!!!

Good job!!! I need to work on finishing up some polishes but that was a lot easier when I had a lot less! :unsure:

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Woop woop! way to go @saycrackagain! Going out with a bang this year :D 

Can you guys believe the year's only got a day left?! ugh my year went by too fast.


On that note, I went ahead and created January's thread, so we can all smoothly migrate there after tomorrow :) Not sure if anyone else will be on considering the celebrations, but I certainly will be getting the fizzy out with my hubby! 



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