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Ipsy November 2015 Glam Bags *Spoilers Included*

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I canceled Ipsy as soon as I bought a year sub to Glossybox for $8.75/box. It's been the most disappointing sub, I felt I threw $170 bucks down the drain in the last year and a half. I only had maybe 3 or 4 really good bags but nothing ever exciting. The value is better than Birchbox, I actually got full size items or big samples, but things I'd never use. At least Glossybox will have lots of full size items. 

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My bag was a bust this month.


The mascara (everyone got it  but ugh)


Luxie Shadow (I have a billion in similar shades)


Coolway (I hate this product. If I never get anything from them again, I'd be thrilled and Harvey Prince too)


Blushpapers (meh, I got some in a bag from Ulta last year. not impressed)


the Lip Crayon (I've gotten some pretty awful colors this year)



I'm thinking maybe the survey they sent some was in regards to the makeup bags themselves.  I surely don't need 12 a year.  lol  I've donated most of them away this year.  

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J. Cat eyeliner pencil - ugh hate eyeliner pencils, I only use gel.

Figs & Rouge primer - I'll use it.

Crown crease brush - always love brushes!

Dermelect ugly nude color polish

Smashbox mascara


The bag is fab though. Rather lacklustsr for my first ipsy.


Is there a special referral bonus if I refer myself?

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I just used the Jelly Pong Pong highlighter today. OMG!!! It smells like kettle corn or Beauty Protector. I want all of my makeup to smell like that.  :wub:

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I got:


Jelly Pong Pong liquid gossamer- whole lotta nope there

Smashbox Mascara- whole lotta nope

Trestique- in *surprise* Chile red...so nope

Luxie eyeshadow- I might have been happier about this if it were a different color. This one is too dark for me.

Skininc Pure revival peel- I don't use this kinda stuff.


The only plus side of this bag is the actual bag. Although after seeing all the options, I don't think there was actually anything I wanted.


Maybe December will be fabulous.

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I finally got my Ipsy bag today, it was so-so personally

I got the Hey Honey Facial Scrub which smells amazing, but it is all harden/frozen in the bottle somehow? Hopefully it thaws out

The Navy gel eyeliner and brush, the brush is plain out horrible, but the shade is pretty

Sigma brush, super excited! My first Sigma brush, seems nice so far

Smashbox mascara, I have way too many of these

And the lid primer, seems good so far!

Now if only I get my December bag faster than this one!

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    • You are a very thoughtful husband. I'm not an expert on makeup. But I love shopping. I was impressed with Sisley brushes, which are made by Raphael. Raphael has been a master maker of brushes for artists since 1793. The big department stores will give you an extra gift with purchase now too. For example, if you buy from Neiman Marcus, you can get a nice bag filled with beauty samples for free. That's what I would do.  I also love Trinny London. The T Kit is very unique, compact and great for travel or purse. Estee Lauder has a beautiful limited edition set called Brushed by Fame. The lovely white marble design might look pretty with your bathroom decor.  Good luck with your purchase!   
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    • Hi, I am looking for a birthday gift for my wife. She is very fond of high-end makeup brushes and I am looking for any recommendations about brands, styles, etc...before I make a purchase in the dark lol.  Budget is around $150-$350. Thank you.

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