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Nov 23, 2007
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Hi girls! I've been thinking of purchasing a bunch of samples from Alima: mainly blushes, but also eyeshadows and illuminating powders. I've heard mixed things about this company; people on MUA seem to love Alima's products, but people in this forum don't seem too enamored. Specifically, I've heard complaints that the eyeshadows aren't very pigmented and have no staying powder.

Alima's products look so scrumptious on the website, though, and I'm so tempted to order a bunch of stuff after Christmas!

I only tried Alima foundation and I have to admit I was happy with it. However it was not as good as I expected or maybe I just found Moew and stopped looking for something better. To tell the truth I really like Alima foundation but never even considered ordering full size. Maybe the fact that I have two 3 oz. Meow tubes has something to do with it.

Unfortunately I may not help on the eyeshadow and blushes. Apart from the foundation I only tried finishing powder and powder primers.

The foundation coverage isnt fantastic and I found other foundations which could give me what I wanted. The blush wasnt quite pigmented and the illuminating powders werent that glowy for me. Never tried the eyeshadows though

I really like Alima a lot, particularly their foundation. I have tried lots of different brands of foundation (Lumiere, Aromaleigh, Ocean Mist, J. Lynne, Pure Luxe, BE, and several others) and Alima's foundation is my absolute favorite. I have normal skin with oily T-zone along with redness across my cheeks and bridge of my nose and Alima's foundation gives a great finish to my skin while covering my redness and evening out my skin tone. It looks very natural too- not chalky, not too sheer in coverage, yet the coverage is buildable if you need more.

I also use their eyeshadows and blushes. I am not a big fan of blush but theirs is nice and natural-looking when applied. Some people may think it is too light or does not provide enough color, but I am very fair and I do not need a lot of color in order for it to show up on my skin. I think the eyeshadows are really nice and natural as well. Again, some people may not think it has a lot of pigmentation but to me the pigmentation is really nice. I use the shimmer shadows and the shimmer does not go overboard. The eyeshadows are very generous and come in a 10 gram jar with a sifter but there is really a lot of product in the jar. I also like the shimmer eyeliners, particularly in Paparazzi and Black Cherry...really great! Alima is definitely my go-to mineral brand for everyday wear for my basic colors of eyeshadow and blush and my everyday foundation.

If you are looking for really pigmented eyeshadow, I would recommend The She Space or Taylor Made Minerals, both which make really beautiful eye pigment colors!

i liked alima foundations - at least the samples, but i thought they didn't go dark enough, so i found a good winter match but there was nothing higher for the summer. their customer service is pretty helpful too!

I bought from Alima roughly a year ago and found their foundation to be ok. I didn't care for any of the blushes or shadows but wouldn't classify them as bad- just o.k.

If you're looking for highly pigmented shadows and blushes I would suggest Milan as theirs have lasting power and are pigmented and milled well. Bare Faced Minerals makes one of the best foundations that I've used and her Multi purpose colors/Glimmers are totally excellent.

I like the matte finish but the coverage is not enough for my ance scars.

Their customer service is so nice!!

I find Alima very similar to Lumire, both color shades and effects on skin.

I have very dry skin and it looked powdery on me just like Lumiere. Probably it is a good fot for people with oily skin.

Also the blushes are shiny , which I do not really like, but som may do.

I've only tried two of their foundations, two of their blushes, their finishing powder, and two of their eyeshadows, but here are my opinions:

The foundation is very drying. And I have oily/combo skin. Given that it was late October, my skin shouldn't have been feeling a little dry, but my skin has been pretty weird lately.

For me, the blush was not that pigmented. Their Mimosa is super sheer! I have light-medium to medium skin and I could identify that it was on my skin from the powdery circles on my cheeks. The Soft Plum blush looked way too dark but it was a better shade. The blush seems a bit on the drying side too.

Alima has pretty eyeshadows and their pigmentation looks fine to me, but I found that the way it looks after it is initially applied will not last long, IMO. Then again, I didn't use a primer. But that should give you somewhat of an idea about they eyeshadows.

I really like their foundations but none of the colors (I have tried many) looked really good on my skin, so I never got the result I wanted.

Their eyeshadows on the other hand was a disappointment 'cause they looked to pretty in the pots, but when I applied them to my lids and tried to blend I just wiped them away... The pigmentation and staying power are not very good.

This was the first mineral e/s i tried so I was somewhat discouraged... Fortunately this setback did not not prevent me from going on trying...

I tried Alima foundation samples before and I liked it. But, I found other brand that matched my skin tone better so I didn't repurchase the foundation. I also like the blush, I only tried their samples though and I liked it very much.

the foundations are quite sheer, as are the blushes. but their eyeshadows are quite good, especially for everyday wear. i'd say they were understated versus firms like fyrinnae or TMM.

I have not tried any eyeshadows, but the foundations and blushes are not as highly pigmented as other brands. I prefer Everyday Minerals or Fyrinnae for better coverage.

I liked their foundation, but then found that I liked Lumiere better. I really like Alima's tinted lip balms, eyeshadows and blushes. The ones I've got are sheer, but that's the way I like them.

I only tried their foundations but was so disappointed with them : everyone was just saying how awesome Alima was, but on me, even with a perfect match, it made me look ashy and took every sparkle from my eyes. Really weird. But Lumière, EM and Meow looks very nice on me, so it didn't bothered me too much...

I tried some foundations samples and liked how they looked. They just don't cover as well as Monave. But their customer service and shipping is the best I have ever dealt with.

I tried Alima while in of the ladies there sells it in her shop. So I was able to try out the colors and everything in person! The samples were sold in small little jars with screw top lids. I dont have much to cover on my face so the primer powder was adequate for me! Maybe if I wanted to look like I was wearing some makeup, then I could use the foundation too. The eyeshadows are great and my favorite is the black cherry eyeliner. I use my regular eyeliner and then using a flat stiff brush, i put this one on top - it looks great!! I have a few eyeshadows and some blushes too. Everything is very good. The only other MMU i tried before was sheer cover which was ok.

For those who have used the tinted lip balms how pigmented are they? Do they even show up?