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Jun 11, 2005
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Alyssa....grow up already! I think you have wandered onto the wardrobe of another 80's sitcom...Blossom?? The outfit is much too juvenile for you. The jeans are too long and give the illusion that you are floating. It's just bad all around...Trash!
well we're both the same age, (34) and i wouldnt mind looking like her or looking like a her. i think she's cute and beautiful and she can get away with wearing anything youthful cause her body is perfect. and trashy to me would be if she dressed like britney spears i think this makes her look classy.

Originally Posted by Gleam84 /img/forum/go_quote.gif The outfit is somewhat cute, but she looks like a teenager with that on. she does look youthfull with that on, lucky her
She looks young in that, its not so bad, looks like she needs to roll up those jeans or put on some heels. That is of course if she is not already wearing any.

wow, its like my middle school years all over again!

those jeans remind me of those awfull jinco, or however you spell it, jeans.


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