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Nov 6, 2006
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Does my liner look shaky?? There was a huge storm & it scared the crap outta me so I was shaking the whole time. All my closed eye pics were majorly messed up.

I used Painterly paint pot. By Jupter[wet all over lid] Shroom[inner corner] Woodwinked[middle] Mulch[outer v] Carbon[crease] and Clare de lune[highlight].





Funny Face!


ooh, your eye makeup looks really nice in the "funny face" pic. What lip colors?

Lovely! Your liner is way straighter than mine and there were no storms in surrey this morning!!

lol, your liner is like 100% straighter than mine!

I love the intense neutrals, I need to buy a dark brown e/s I guess, I really wanna try this out myself

Pardon the huge size of these pics. The first 2 were taken in daylight. The parfait amour doesn't look anything close to how it looks in the pan... looks more blueish on my lid, but maybe I overblended!

Innter lid: Swimming

Outer lid: Parfait Amour

Highlight: Naked Lunch

Waterline: Smolder eye kohl

Lashes: L'Oreal Voluminous Black

Brows: Brun to fill in

Constructive criticism is welcome. That is how I learn! Thanks all for viewing.




Ash I love those colours on you, and I dont think the liner looks shaky

Curly, I love how you matched your top and your eyeshadow. The colours really bring out your skin and eyes beautifully

Lovely FOTD's ladies! Is there such a thing as "blending too much"? I always feel like I don't blend enough.

I would have never thought to put green and purple together....but it looks really fun and flirty.

MUW, I love how expressive your eyes are and the liner is fab!

ash- wow those eyes & lips.. great combo..... you loook great too!


I am sending you a message here because I can't PM you unless I have 50 posts, which I don't. I am new here and I did not post my FOTD to your thread! What happened was I posted my FOTD on some other forum by mistake so a moderator sent me a message saying she just went ahead and attached my thread to yours. I want you to know I did not intentionally hijack your thread.

BTW your eyes are gorgeous. The liner is not shaky.- it looks good. What brush did you use to get it to wing out like that on the corner? I've tried with my 266, 208, and 109 but still can't manage to get it just right.

Thanks ladies for the comments. :)

I feel bad though because it looks like I hijacked this thread but I didn't! (see above message)

Is it 6:00 yet? I want to go home!

FOTD all go within the day posted, so you're not "hijacking" her thread because it's for all to post on.


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