Avril Lavigne: Hot or Soo Not?

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Jun 11, 2005
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I can sense the eyes rolling from here....Call me crazy but I freaking love this outfit. Maybe not for Red Carpet, but I am soooo duplicating it for New Years. I love the shoes! But I am a Converse girl...have them in a million colors. I think she looks young and cute. There's no doubt that she has a "look" that she sticks with. I think it's soooo HOT
I'm not really a fan of her style in general but i see where you're going with it BeneBaby it could be cute (i just don't like avril! lol). I do like eclectic styles like that but just not really the way avril pulls it together.

I love Avril & I think this works for her. Plus, I'd wear converse over heels any day.


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