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Feb 1, 2006
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Right now I am doped up on tylenol 3's so I feel invincible. Typing with one hand, trying to anyways. My surgery was delayed a few hours but that's okay. I have a huge bandage on my arm all the way down to my fingers. I look like popeye on steroids. I woke up and was garbling with my speech, nurses were laughing. I asked to see the surgeon and asked how bad it was. She said bad.. not only my nerve but she had to do something with bone in my elbow. Possibility I may need third surgery on my wrist, she did something with the nerve but not always solved right away. I better get off the computer, ha, before my neighbour who happens to be a nurse kicks my arse. Staying with her overnight. Ack, pain is kicking in, better go.

Here is a pic of my bad a** bandage. The pic doesn't do it justice, larger looking than this.


Glad everything went well and that is one impressive bandage. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Hi Shelley!

im glad your surgery went well, i hope you are doing great, *hugs*

Speedy healing to you Shelley! I hope your recovery is a smooth one.

Thanks everyone.

It's hard to stay away from the computer. I better be careful. I have to stay on top of the pain.

I see the surgeon tomorow for a follow up.Underneath all those bandages I am wearing a drainage tube to get rid of excess fluid. I hope to get some of the bandages off tomorrow.

Here is a better pic of my popeye arm.