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Jun 23, 2006
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Im not actually a beginner but i feel dat way sometimes,lol.I wann know from all you advanced MUT users,what are the most important things/products for me to have in my kit.I know i should had good brushes,etc,but what products are a total must have,no if and or buts.Trust me ladies i need the help
thanks in advance

the products and tools i seem to use every single day are:

foundation or tinted moisturizer w/spf

concealer for those little trouble spots

lip balm

lip pencil


brow powder or pencil

for tools you'll need:


cosmetic qtips


hope this helps!

I would recommend that you pick up some Urban Decay Primer Potion. No matter what your kit is for!

Thanks guys

Originally Posted by BeneBaby /img/forum/go_quote.gif I am not sure if you mean your "personal kit" or a "pro" kit?? well im not a pro yet but hopefully i will be one day, right now i just mean my personal kit.I wanna know what colors are a must,or what brushes are absolutely neccessary?

A good foundation or tinted moisturizer

Blush - I like MAC Springsheen

Brow colour - I like Benefit BrowZings


Eyeliner - MAC fluidlines or powerpoint pencils are good


As for eyeshadow colours, I'd say go for neutrals if you're not used to wearing makeup, and maybe spice it up with a splash of colour. A nude highlighter shade, a darker brown and then maybe a pink or a green.


Foundation brush

Blush brush

A flat eyeshadow brush

Blending brush

Eyeliner brush

if you wear eyehsadow definetly need to have urban decays eyeshadow primer potion...! hold eyshadow all day and keeps it from creasing and holds true color all dayyy

Oh, how could I forget about UDPP? It is defenitely a musthave if you're using eyeshadow.

Here are my must-haves....I also included my recommendations.


Tinted Moisturizer: Revlon Active

Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Fluid

Concealer: Laura Mercier

Powder...I don't use, but thought I should include it for your kit.


Urban Decay Primer Potion

Eye Pencil in Black and Brown: Revlon Colorstay

Liquid Eye Liner Black and Brown: MAC Fluidlines

Mascara: Lash Stylist Maybelline

Nuetral Shadows: I like MAC, NYX, Milani etc

Fun Shadows

Night time Shadows

Lash Curler

Brow Highlight: Benefit Highbrow


Nuetral Lipliner

Lipstick for Day and Night



Brow gel, pencil, wax or powder: Benefit Browzing



Blush similar in shade to your natural blush

Highlighter: MAC Mineralized Skinfinish


Hard angled brush for applying liners and brow products

Powder Brush

Blush Brush

Foundation Brush

Blending Brush for shadow: MAC 224

Foundation, Mascara, Black eyeliner, a lipgloss and blush in netural color (Pink, Bronze, Peach).

I'm going to assume you mean you're just wondering what you need for personal use? Not doing makeup on others? I don't know.

Some basics:

-Eyeshadow base, I use UDPP as well as a lot of the other girls here.

-Black eyeliner liquid and pencil. Wet n Wild's pencils are great and cheap.

-Foundation. I keep a mineral foundation from EDM for everyday and a MF pan stick for more heavy coverage, I got lucky that one of the panstick shades blends into my skin flawlessly.

-Concealer. I just use my mmu with a concealer brush, but if you don't use mineral makeup a good concealer is key. I do have a green one to mask any redness that might pop up.

- A really good lip balm. I keep 3 with me at all times. Burts Bees, Mark soothing balm, and aquafina lip oil. No lipgloss or lipstick looks good on dry flaky lips.

-Eyelash Curler

-A good mascara. I have bazillions, but some good cheap ones to start out with in my opinion are MF 2000 calorie, Lash Exact, and Maybelline Volume Express.

- At least a couple blushes. One for a natural look, and one thats a little flirtier. I like Nars Orgasm for natural and Mac Dollymix for a more bright pink.

-A perfect nude lipstick. A nude lip is great with a dramatic eye, and wearing nude lipstick under any gloss is pretty.

-An everyday e/s combo. Like a tan for the lid, chocolate for the crease, and a highlight.

-A smokey e/s combo. Weather it's gray, black, purple, whatever works best for you.

-Lipgloss- I like Mac lipglasses.

As far as brushes go for starters I'd get a good blush brush, eyeliner brush, e/s blending brush. Sonia Kushak at target makes good brushes, for a good price. And for your foundation it depends on what kind of foundation you use and how you like to apply it. You may need a foundation brush, a kabuki, a sponge, whatever.

Get you a good set of brushes. It's an investment but well worth it. Blend until you think you can't blend anymore. Shu Uemura,Trish McEvoy and Kevin Aucoin imo are the best. Don't go out and buy the whole set. Get the basics like one for your blush ( I like the fat one's that have been cut straight across on top) a good eyeshadow brush, a smaller eyeshadow brush for working with blending along the lashlines, a powder brush and a nice velour like puff. I'll post links so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. Your skin is the big key here. Get a good skincare regime going and stick with it. If you don't take care of your skin it doesn't matter what kind of makeup or brushes you use. Exfoliate according to your needs but make sure you do it at least weekly.

As far as colors make sure you have day and night colors. It doesn't take a lot of makeup to have this either. You can use the same soft eyeshadow you use during the day at night by just adding a darker color in the crease or on the lid entirely. A lipstick for day and a lipstick for night is essential. I wear my night lipstick during the day quite a bit!

Here are the brushes I was speaking of.

Trish McEvoy - Tapered Blending Brush #29 -

Trish McEvoy - Precision Smudge Brush #41 -

i would say at least two eye shadow brushes you LOVE, a nice flussy blush brush (if you use powdered blush)

i think a liquid liner is something you should start working on early cause it takes a while to master, also primer for eyeshadows can save you a lot of money by making in expensive brands look super bright

Hey if you are whating to know what colours to use, you should get the 120 pallet from ebay and there is also a lip gloss one too, then try out the colours and see what ones you like the best for urself then the colours u like bye them is bigger ones like from mac. i did this and it help out and i saved money. i didnt what to go out and pay for the mac shadows if i wasnt going to use them. the 120 and the lip gloss pallet are i think like 50 and 20 dollars

Originally Posted by mebabygirl86 /img/forum/go_quote.gif Im not actually a beginner but i feel dat way sometimes,lol.I wann know from all you advanced MUT users,what are the most important things/products for me to have in my kit.I know i should had good brushes,etc,but what products are a total must have,no if and or buts.Trust me ladies i need the help
thanks in advance for beginners, i would suggest to go easy. start with a good foundation, then concealer if you have ny blemishes, then mascara and eye liner, if you like you can use eye shadow too. for lips, there is lipstick, thne lip liner and at last..lip gloss. finish your make up with the application of powered blushers.

Originally Posted by Leza1121 /img/forum/go_quote.gif Hi,
If you're talking about things for a pro mua kit, check out the website "In My Kit" by fab mua KJ Bennett.

Wow, I went to that site! I want! I want! :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

And yes, I agree with Karren. A large sum of money! haha!


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