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May 12, 2006
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I decided I wanted to start drying my hair due to my new hair I wanted to invest in a newer, better hair dryer. Boy, did I get that


It's the Conair Infiniti with Tormaline Ceramic and Ion technology. It's amaaazing. I had the place that cut my hair put product in it and dry it, still needed a Chi. As a test I only shampoo/conditioned with my regular Panteen straitening shampoo/conditioner and blow dryed. This is the results.

Keep in mind I have naturally thick, wavy, kinda frizzy hair. I DID NOT chi my hair or add ANYTHING to it. This is a shower and a dry. No lies.




nice!! I have the t3 and if/when it dies i'm going to get the new drugustore brands with tourlimine because they seem to be awesome!

Nope - no treatment. She put like a leave in conditioner because I told her my hair freaks out at the blow dryer HAHA.

I got mine at Wal-Mart

Ah right, I thought i was possible a treatment that caused your hair to be so shiny and healthy looking.

Cause i get treatments put in my hair at the salon and after a few washes it still appears shiny.

But thanks, that means the hair dryer really worked! I might go get one

wow you have beatiful hair alex. I have a pink hair dryer and I'm guessing it's not even a quarter as good as that but hey, at least it's pink

I have the Revlon Tourmaline, and it's the same way!!! amazed at the results!!!!

Looks like you got a good hair dryer. If only I could have found one when I needed one. Your hair looks great.

Alex, your hair looks so good. I need that blow dryer now! By the way, is that a ring I see on your left hand??? Do tell!! Oh, and cute pictures on the wall too! LOL

April!! HAHA! You are the only person to notice that

I am single, very single. It's a ring that my grandma left me, right now it's the only thing I have of hers. I wear it on that hand because it fits best there. My right right finger is a little smaller and it flops around - drives me nuts.

As for those pictures...I am the kid in the middle with the bathing suit HAHA!!!! Also, the top right picture, I am in the teal Wranglers....Yee Haw haha. I loved being a kid.


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