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May 10, 2007
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Not the usual look we're used to seeing in the diva, she's spotted with minimal makeup and a dress that makes her look.. kinda old. Not to mention that hair!
Beyonce, you my girl, but um.... Girls, you be the judge. what do you think?



i like the look

although the dress is

it would look cool in a cotoure fashion spread or something

and her hair.....does suck you can see the front of her lace-wig near her hairline ew

I am so damn tired of that wig....all that money and you cant find a stylist to do it right. I can get a woman to do it 50 times better than that for $200 and she pays waaayyyyy more than that!!!

yeah i was talking about hair and makeup. dress is a lil weird. lol

lol, dont get me started on beyonce, (see my beyonce ugh...thread!!) she may have money but she's got no style and no talent. IMO

Literally, her boobs are down to her waist. That dress just sucks, and her lashes are messed up.

She's pretty though...

I like the dress...the whole look actually. She looks a little is a bit worn off, hair is frizzy. I love her though.

WOW that dress......

Her makeup looks as though she may have applied it herself..... her lashes do look messed up???

Is it just me, or do her boobs look incredibly lopsided in the second pic?

That dress is hideous to be perfectly honest. The top doesn't even go with the bottom (other than the orange stripe) and the shoes are ugly!


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