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I love the way Anthony always says "are you on your period".. thats just a classic saying!! And obsessed isn't even the right word for him! I cant wait to see Anthonys eviction interview because they'll definitely show him all the stuff that Craig did

I know Trisha.. and did you see him moaning about Eugene the other day saying "he's not emotional, i'm the emotional one etc.." I HATE the guy with a passion.

Aw and did you hear Kinga tell Eugene in bed last night that everyone laughs because he says thank you all the time. That was such a low blow. My heart went out to the guy.


Hi all, I am glad that BB got better just when it became boring.I thought Kinga is funny but not now, i really like Eugene. I think he might win.

I saw Roberto on BBLB and he was hugging Derek. Is Roberto definaltey gay???

I know he acted up during tasks etc but has he ever said he is? Ive gone of him anyway, i really like Anthony. I think he deserves to win as he seems to be a decent and good guy and he has been subjected to Craig's obbsession for weeks!

I really hope Eguene wins, it's amazing how first I loved Makosi until the Anthony thing, then Science was my fave, then Derek, now Eguene is my fave almost by default lol. Oh yea I saw Vanessa lol

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