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Bleh! I'm overwhelmed by MMU. I need help.

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Dec 20, 2007
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In the past, my face routine was simple: wash, tone, moisturize, tinted moisturizer, pressed powder, highlight on cheeks, blush. Yay. Plain and simple--and old fashioned.

I really want to get into MMU because of the skin benefits involved, but I'm really at a loss for WHERE to start. I've read the reviews, but I still don't know what brand to choose. I don't really know HOW to apply MMU, and I really don't know all of the materials involved. Thus far, I have managed to absorb this amount of information from reading threads:

  • Kabuki brush = lighter coverage if the bristles are less dense.
  • People generally use flat top brushes (ie: MAC 187) for foundation application
  • Moisturize, then apply a fixer, conceal, foundation, blush, finishing powder/veil (in that order).
I just don't know what brand will work best for me. Here is a little about me and what my goal is with MMU, and hopefully some of you lovely ladies can point me in some sort of direction. I'm tired of reading reviews and still not being able to make a decision!

  • 20 y/o
  • Red hair
  • Rosy ivory complexion, very fair
  • Freckles
  • No real acne problems, though I do have breakouts during those days of the month
  • Skin tends to be dry and flaky, yet I do have oily skin as well. Does this make sense?
  • I'm looking for something higher than an 'average' coverage with foundation, though I don't need the heaviest formula. I'm just a fan of a flawless face.
Using that information, here is where I stand:
  • What face primer should I use? I've read that many people use Smashbox Photo Finish, or MAC Prep + Prime. Any opinions? Other brands? Does the primer actually make your MMU last throughout the day?
  • Based on what I'm looking for, what brand do you think I should start with? I have the free sample of EDM, but when I applied it (without a primer and without having moisturizer for a few hours) the MMU was gone from my skin within two hours. It didn't have much lasting power.
    Of course, without the primer and without the proper moisturization, I'm sure that I affected the staying power a decent amount myself (or lack thereof).
  • I would really love a natural glow to my skin, so something that isn't matte won't be a problem for me. I just don't want to look oily at the same time.
  • What is the application difference between a kabuki vs. flat top brush? I've read that many people use the flat top for foundation, and the kabuki for finishing powder/mineral veil.
  • Any place/advice for MMU application techniques? I hear of people using certain brushes for certain things, changing the order they apply various stages in MMU, using MMU wet (how?), etc. Any place I can learn of the various possibilities/anyone willing to share?
Overall goals:
  • Good coverage
  • Good staying power
  • Natural glow
  • Airbrushed finish (who doesn't?)
(Sorry for the abundance of information/ranting. I'm just SO overwhelmed with all the companies)