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Mar 7, 2005
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i've tried so many and i don't get that polished glow to the brow like most girls can get

any recommendations for my very light skin?!

p.s. i know we have a brow highlighter thread in general, but this is for light skin!

Originally Posted by BeneBaby /img/forum/go_quote.gif Benefit Highbrow is what I use and I am white! i have that and i want the shimmery effect! i love highbrow
I'm incredibly pale, too, and I use NYX chrome eyeshadow in Pearl White and it's really bright and sparkly.

Fyrinnae Shinkirou, it's a shimmery beige but if you apply one coat, you'll only have the shimmer.

MAC Nylon eyeshadow

Mally Beauty The Light Wand Eye Brightener Powder Pencil (stubble shimmer) & Mally Beauty Mattewand Eye Brightener (matte)

Both of Mally's are great for inner eye corners, eyebrow arches, and cupid's bow. or anywhere you want to highlight.

I really like Vanilla piggie,and I am white too,lol,well a bit yeloowish
I love Kitten,but its not as alight as i want a highlighter to be
( i still use it smetimes though)

I'm pale too, I like benefit high beam and MAC's cream colour base in Luna is very nice as well, if you like white shimmer.

I like Stila "Moonlight". MAC "Frost" pigment is great as well. For something more subtle, I like MAC "Shimmertime" pigment.

I second Nylon and I love Dazzlelight. Nylon is more an icy pale gold frost, whilst Dazzlelight is a neutral with both silver and gold reflects. Love them both, just depends on how much I want to highlight the brow bone on any given day

I know I'm not pale, but High Brow doesn't seem as "linen" on me as Amanda... I use a nice shimmery white e/s lightly over it, and it works much better... I get Amanda's highlighting effect

Oh! NYC Miss Sparkle Highlighter Stick!

"Miss Sparkle" Highlighter Pencil by N.Y.C. New York Color Cosmetics

N.Y.C. New York Color "Miss Sparkle" Highlighter Pencil lines and defines eyes with brilliant shimmer and shine. Light up your eyes with a hint of sparkly color, creating a wide eyed look! "Miss Sparkle" Highlighter Pencil also creates instant cheekbones when applied to the tops of cheeks.
I have the Miss Sparkle pencil & it is a shimmery white color, but not overly so. I love it!

Originally Posted by Pinklady77 /img/forum/go_quote.gif I have the Miss Sparkle pencil & it is a shimmery white color, but not overly so. I love it! Yeah... Matter of fact, I should just send Jennifer mine LOL! I don't even use it
thank you soooooooooo much! i'm gonna look into ALL of those, especially nyc's pencil!