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Mar 29, 2007
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I was buying jars on Ebay to place my NYX loose pearls in, and was about to buy another set of jars, when i saw these at Michael's, and honestly, I like them better! they work so much better for me!

mainly, my jar lids seem to get loose, none have spilled, YET.. but very very close... and i seem to get a lot of pigment caught in the thread grooves, which bugs me.

i like these because they are meant to be liquid proof and the lids snap on-no screw on, so there is no leakage at all!!! they are more compact, and well, cheaper and easier for me to get! $3.49/12, $.30 each!!!

they are the Mona Lisa Buddy Cups


i am replacing all my piggies into these things.

i need those for my nyx loose shadows which get caught in the thread grooves too! thanks

Thanks for posting this. I've been looking everywhere for something like it to put NYX loose shadows in! I gotta get this!

clwkerric sent me two pigments in those jars, and I LOVE them. I will be buying them to use in the future. They work so much better! Thanks for posting Jen!

That's a great deal!

The name is funny, though. It reminds me of "Buddy Christ" in Dogma. lol.

I have those and I honestly hated them so much. I bought those for my NYX piggies as well, and are horrible. They are almost to small for the pigments, you really have to be careful when you poor your pigment into the jars, because you have very little room to work with. I also hated the flip top because you have to open them up slowly to make sure you do not jerk the container and spill the powder.

I was very happy to exchange these little containers for real screw top jars with sifters. They make using these sooooo much easier.

those look cool. I wonder if they have them in any shops in Oz. I only have a one or two pigments and they're in weird roll-on jar thingies.. they dont roll too easily but I dont use them much anyway.

But when I start to invest in the pigment market.. I will keep an eyeball out