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Aug 18, 2005
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I don't really know the difference between the brands. But could a few people chip-in any input? i.e. The pros and cons. I am going to buy a camera, I just would like to know a little bit more about what people are saying about the products.

Thanks a bunch!

Oh yeah, I made this multiple choice.. in case you like several of the companies/products.

I have a sony does a pretty good job and is pretty! Takes a blurry pic if there is no flash though, you gotta be really still when taking it. Not sure if that is with all cameras or just this one.

I have two Sony Cameras. The touch screen one for my "take with me everywhere" camera, and a professional digital camera (those big, bulky ones). I've never had a problem with blurry pics - but then again, I know how to mess with the settings (photography classes well worth the money!)

Mindy, check your shutter speed. It might be slower. I recommend you might have to use a tripod (or you and the subjects must be very, very still). Or you can raise ISO settings (but that will add more grain to the picture).

I have a Fuji camera that I love, it takes really nice pictures. But I also like Nikon, Sony, and Canon cameras.

check out reviews online, I just bought a camera and i checked many sites and most reviews by professionals AND by the users list Canon cameras as best and favorites! I had a canon for 3 years, it broke after extremely heavy usage (and I dropped it many times) - it served me greatly, no complaints. I just got another Canon and I am extremely pleased. I used my friends' Sony's, Kodak's and Nikon's and Canon is the best in comparison, IMHO.
I love my Kodak digital. It's the first Kodak I've had but it's the 5th digital camera I've had and I like it the best.

I have a Kodak EasyShare and I LOVE it, it's simple and it takes pretty good pictures. I don't have any complaints about it other than if you take a lot of pics be SURE to get a memory card.

I also hae a Sony Cybershot.. DSC-W1. 5.1 megapixels And its great but like Mindysue if it's on auto with the flash off it will take blurry photos if not held completely still.. So I use a mini-tripod, with a velcro strip, for those shots.. Set the timer and hands off.. Takes great mpg movies too.. Fits in my purse for those action shots!! Lol. And the memory sticks are compatable with my Sony HandyCam and my Sony Vaio PC.. Standardization!! Don't need a ton of different memory cards floating around..

i have a nikon and casio and i love my nikon much more. much truer pics and very easy to use.

I love Canon. My digital camera is the Powershot A75 series which they don't make anymore. Newer models out. It's a basic camera and I've never had any problems with it. My old film camera was a Canon which I also loved.

I adore my Kodak easyshare and am probably gonna update it this Christmas with a 12x optical zoom easyshare thats only $250 on sale right now.

I have an HP but i used to have a Nikon 330!!! that cam never let me down! all my photos came out like professional shoot photos! -sniffles- i miss it, I'm trying to get the new one (it's 7.0 mp)

The best cameras I've ever had were Canon brand, hands down. I still have them today, but they are both film, not digital.

I've had a Kodak Easyshare Camera, but I didn't quite get to warm up to it, as it was stolen. We had an Olympus (forgot the model), but that took awful blurry pics (I think the shutter setting was too slow). I have my standby cheapy Polaroid PDC 5080 that is not top of the line at all, but for the little money I paid for it, the use of it is quite good.


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