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Dec 9, 2006
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One of the major bummers about men's fashion is the lack of cool bags. Unfortunately, it's just not acceptable for a guy to carry around a different stylish, well-made, man purse every day of the week. In fact, if we stray from the one bag we normally carry, our friends immediately start asking questions -- "What? A new bag? This should do you for at least a few years, right?"
However, you ladies can carry whatever you want, which is why you should immediately turn your attention the Bra(g). Most of the time, when you're wearing a pink, frilly bra, the only person who gets to know about it is you (and maybe a special someone, but only later -- if they're lucky). But now, you can display your bra(g) for the whole word to see.

Technically, the bag is designed to be a sort of bra protector, that keeps your undergarments from getting all tangled when you travel.
But using such a fine creation only when traveling seems a little wasteful, no? Therefore, I see no reason why you shouldn't also use it on a more regular basis to carry around those day to day essentials.

I think these are so cute! LOL
but i wonder if people would think that im actually carrying my bra in my hand, or if they would think that i converted my bra's into bags/purses.
I would buy them
i love them haha
Pretty! I remember when those little corset bags came out, I really wanted one, but never did.

Hmm...I'm down with using it as a bra protector, but I wouldn't really use it as a bag. lol.

They are very cute but I am so un-frilly that I wouldn' use them as a bag.

whenever i see people with these i think more along the lines of trashy then 'wow.. she is so feminine!'

i'd definitely use one as a bra protector though :] definitely the pink or black one.

Originally Posted by jasmine_UK /img/forum/go_quote.gif its a cute travel idea - not so sure about using it as a bag ditto

lol Nuri ! cool idea ! i once saw a corset bag, black leather and gold chain. i was so close to buy it


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