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Nov 1, 2005
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Do you get winter themed manicures (snowflake design for example) or do you just use your favorite seasonal colors?

I haven't gotten designs on my nails in a while. I'm been trying to save money so I've been doing them myself. I just change the colors with the seasons.

I did. I got my regular pink and whites with a red glitter across them (where the pink and white meet).

I bought some christmas decals. Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to cut them up and put them together in my brain...

i plan on buying a white nailpolish, but i'm clueless on how i will paint my nails.

Nope, plain Jane for me, anything other than a single color is not my usual style. Though on other people it looks good sometimes (if they don't go overboard.)

I have painted holly leaves and berries onto my clients nails for Christmas, and used snow flake decals on others. Not on all the nails, but on the pointer finger for a feature nail. And of course, red is the most popular colour this time of the year.

I like red for the holidays or a classic french; I've never been into decals too much.

I usually have red manicures for the month of December. And for pedis, I like to do a deep blue with white snowflake nail art on the big toe.

I've thought about it a couple of times, but I'm a big chicken. Just before Christmas I seriously thought about letting her put ribbons on a couple of them.
I used to get red tips (I cant stand an all over red on me) or green. The last couple of times tho, I got a glittery white tip that looked great and the christmas just gone I had a beautiful bluey/aqua nail with white snowflake decals - I wish I had a pic - they got the most positive comments of all! Even from guys I didn't know!

I never do holiday themed nails. I think most colours look bad on me, so I just stick to pretty plain stuff.