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Sep 22, 2007
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I really don't use any kind of real skin care right now, but I want to start. I was thinking about the clinique 3 step because the lady gave me a sample of it, and it made my skin sooo soft like silk. I was wondering what you all thought about it. I sometimes tend to get stuff because I try it once and seem to like it only to never use it again. Is it worth it and does it always make your skin feel so good? I have sensitive skin, but the samples didn't harm my face any. Just looking for some input. Thanks in advance.

i'd say no because of the price, clinique in my country is very expensive. i also tried the DDML and it dried my skin.

if you have sensitive skin then i highly suggest Clinique 3 step.

i have used it myself and the results are great. i love the clear,

silky feeling it leaves, but who doesn`t?! =)

since Clinique has 3 different types of 3-step,

the one for sensitive skin should cater to you.

the representative at clinique will ask you a few

questions about your skin and how it reacts to

certain situations and this will decide which

one is right for you. hope i helped.

take care.

Well...I`ve been using Clinique`s 3 steps system in the past(although it was some while ago) and I remember that their soaps and lotiond dried out my combo sensitive skin.

Yet,recently I`ve bought myself Clinique`s claryfying mask and so far, I`m very happy with the results

Originally Posted by magosienne /img/forum/go_quote.gif i'd say no because of the price, clinique in my country is very expensive. i also tried the DDML and it dried my skin. its not expensive here in the US.
everyones skin is different.

we all react differently to a product.

if you liked the effect of the sample,

then go for it. you just have to be


I know alot of people don't seem to care for Clinique, but I never had a problem with it. I don't use the whole 3-step anymore, but I used to and just stopped because as my skin changed I found other things I liked better. I still use their Clarifying Lotion and I have for years! It's my HG toner!

I love it and would recommend it highly. I do use a day cream together with DDML, as DDML on its own is not supposed to moisturize the skin. It is designed to balance PH level of the skin after the use of the soap and the toner (according to the Clinique SAs in Saks 5th Avenue and John Lewis). Hope this helps.

I ended up getting the 3 step today. I got the one that comes in the whole set for xmas time. The lady didn't tell me how many times a day to do it, what would you all suggest?

Try it once a day for now.. I found that it made my face feel really dry if I used it more than once a day..

Thanks for all the advice. I used it once yesterday and once this morning. I actually think I'm putting on too much of the moisturizier lotion. I need to use less of that next time. Does it have any SPF in it? My foundation does so I guess i'm ok with that, but I really like using lots of SPF now that i'm getting older.

It's a personal thing, give it a go.... Personally it didn't agree with me. I hated the clarifying lotion, it really stripped my face and made it even more dry! Some people I know love it though and swear by it.

My doctor recommended it to me a few years ago when my skin was horrible. When I went to the counter the woman insisted that I get the number 3 products. At the time I was using benzaclin too, which dried my skin out. Using something with that much alcohol in it would have caused havoc on my already dry skin (from using the benzaclin). I ended up just the mild products and I liked them for awhile. I still use the dramatically different moisturizing gel. It's the only moisturizer I've found that doesn't make my skin super oily or dry it out too much (my skin is combination now). It worked well too when my skin was oily.

I used to use the toner (the one for very oily skin) in conjunction with cheaper drugstore products, and it worked really well. But I also think there are cheaper, maybe even better alternatives from drugstore lines.

I think I need to exchange for the sensitive skin one. My face is getting red and burning from the clarifying lotion. It goes away after a while,but I don't care for that. Is the lotion in the sensitive skin formula too?