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I just bought the concealer in E0. I am not fully decided if I like it as much as my Laura Mercier Secret Camoflague.

i got a makeover thing with this brand in nordstroms for theyre fall show and really liked how it looked and i barely needed anything to cover everything i had problems with on my face.

im planing when i run out of my reg. concealer to use this stuff insted.

although i also wanna try the laura mercier stuff.

Oh I so want this but haven't tried it yet

This sounds great!!! I really want some of that total coverage foundation. Wonder if I can find it on the web? They only sell it in Harvey Nichols over here - its nearly £50 for me to get to London, with £30 on top of that for the foundation never mind anything else I would be tempted to buy!

The website is really informative, Cover FX


I'm definitely going to sample this line when I visit Sephora. They have something for everyone. I was in love with the minerals until I saw the dreaded bismuth oxcychloride!

I use the Natural FX foundation. I love it. Looks and feels natural on the skin, not irritating, medium coverage. I found my perfect color match- M50

I also like the Skinprep FX Treament and Priming Serum. Feels great, non irritating, makes the skin soft etc.

This line is definitely worth checking out.

Really want to try this...although i have oily skin and judging by the reviews on makeupalley, its not really suitable for oily skin.

I love the creme foundations and bronzer. I have oily skin too and it's not bad.Of course I still have to blot but I love the coverage and how it's supposed to be good for your skin

I have their primer, full coverage foundation and powder foundation and love them all. My skin is a bit oily but just stippling a tiny bit of powder over top makes the cream foundation work for me but I only use it as concealer though.


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