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Jun 1, 2005
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this might be in the wrong forum but feel free to move it.

when was the last time you or your SO cried during a movie? Today was the last time. i was watching 300 with my bf and the ending part when the guy told the queen that the king was dead..and then her son ran up to her. i started crying so bad. i am a big baby when it comes to stuff like this.

i also cried during hotel Rwanda...i mean, how can you not cry during that movie> it was so sad.


im Cryin all the time when something is happy or when it sad

i dont remember the last time i cried

but i always crying in the movies :meet Joe black and "10 things i hate about you"

I cry or at least tear up at many old films. Random Harvest, Pinky, Imitation of Life ( Lana Turner ) & How Green Was My Valley are four films that immediately come to mind. Beyonce

When I watched Reign Over Me with Adam Sandler I bawled so bad. It's about this guy who loses his entire family to 9-11 plan crash. And yeah I cried during Hotel Rwanda too...

I have to admit I cried in the ending of King Kong, something about that big monkey, also in the ending of Selena were they tell the family she is dead and they are all crying. Also, in homemovies, when I see family memebers who have passed away or vids of my baby Rocky.

About one year ago I purchased the DVD of Crash, I have not watched it as of yet, because I am so sick of the hatred that is enveloping this country that I couldn't bear watching it without the fear that I could not stand the emotional strain. Watching Rwanda, I feel, would make me have nightmares.

I cry at so many films. I saw The Notebook recently and sobbed through most of it.

I have noticed I cry more at films since having children, it must be my hormones doing it!

Okay...I take it back. I had an emo moment while watching Gone with the Wind on Saturday night...I think I felt a chill or something. No tears, but a feeling..and that's rare for me!!

I remember i cried so much when i went to see My Girl that i walked out of the theatre with swollen eyes. I'm very sentimental so i avoid: 1) movies about animals (if the animal is having a hard time i cry, if they are ok i cry) 2) heavy dramas.

The last time i watched a heavy drama was Mystic River and i was crushed, a couple of weeks ago i tried Saving Private Ryan but quit as soon as they come to give the momma the bad news...these days i stick to comedies.

I cry everytime I watch Titanic(when Leonardo dies lol) and Legends of the Fall(I think), and Beaches and 2-3 more I can't think of right now

Gah I cry at loads of films. I am a wuss, especially when I have PMT, like last night, I cried at the end of my book (Marley & Me, it's so sad at the end though!!) Last film I think I cried at the cinema at was The Family Stone.

I always cry like an eejit at Up Close & Personal and Untamed Heart as well.

I cried during "Stepmom", "Message in a Bottle", and a few I can't remember. Oh, I bawled when Titanic came out in 1998.

ME TOOOOOOOOO! omg..i wanted to admit that so bad but I didnt want to come off as emotionally unstable. I have been banned from watching titanic just because every time i see it, i bawl

Originally Posted by katina74 /img/forum/go_quote.gif I cry everytime I watch Titanic(when Leonardo dies lol)

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