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Apr 26, 2007
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My daughter Caitlyn, 16mths, is sitting next to me saying Ta ta and then giving me kisses and cuddles, she just keeps doing it over and over lol!!

she is such a cutie.

she gone back to watchin tv now lol.

I just love it when kids come and give u kisses and cuddles, like their way of saying i love u and thanx!!

Awwww! Kylie's new thing is, "I behaving mommy, I behaving." LOL! And if she sees me hugging John, forget it! She has to step in and get her hugs & kisses LOL!

lol that is cute. My rabbit comes and licks mky face. I dont have kiddies so thats my equivilant

Aww so cute. I fully expect to be a Grandmother by this time next year. I'll get to see all the sweet stuff again. There is nothing like a happy baby.

hahah aquilah.

Ash awww thats alright, pets are just as loving as kids!!

aww lucky u kelly, i want to do it all over but i dont want anymore kids, get clucky when i see babies.

How adorable!!!! Like pinksugar, my Rocky will get down from his cage, onto my bed say "Hola" and then give me a kiss. Children and pets are the best!

I love getting hugs and kisses from my kids...its the sweetest thing.

I had to share a little hubby asked my 3 year old son the other day while he was in the bed with us, do you love me? And my son says, no, I love mommy...and my hubby says why do you love mommy and not 3 year old hugs me and says, cause mommy is my girlfriend.
Hubby and I were both cracking up.