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Dealing with haters at work!!

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Dec 27, 2006
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Hello guys,

I need some advice. I am in New York and I am not happy so i decided to temp jobs or temp to perm until i saved up enough to make a secure move back to Atl. I have been working through a staffing agency since August and they got me a job at a Neurology office as an Executive Assistant, it went very well because I am going back to school for nursing and this is a great opportunity. Well that job had money issues and since i was a temp they had to let me go at the end of October. Now my recruiter (Kyle) got me a job starting at the best cancer hospital in the U.S. here in the city starting that Monday. So i ended a job on Friday and started one on Monday. This is because i had such great reviews from the Office Manager i reported to at the Neurology office she hated to let me go.

My new job is an Executive Asst to hospital Administrator. I was told this was going to be a temp to perm position and when i got here my boss said this job would last a few mths. They rather hire within( aint that a bi..ch) I felt that I was mislead by the staffing agency. I beleive they will tell you anything to get you to go to an assignment so they can make their money off you. Yes, i know i was leaving anyway but if i could get a full-time oppotunity at a top hospital that will pay my way through nursing school, i was willing to stay. I do nothing all day but sit here, get her mail, anything for signature, and if someone e-mails me to put meetings on her calendar. That is it, she is never here and in meetings all day. Well i don''t say much to anyone but since my twin use to work here someone thought i was here and i have to walk by the ladies desk to get the bathroom key. She always speaks to me and i may be at her desk for 30 seconds to a minute, and this rarely happens. Mind you, i have only been here for a few weeks.

Do you know someone (the ***** that sit next to me i beleive) called HR and had them call my staffing agency and said i was too chatty. I sit at this desk all day and don't say anything to anyone. This was my second week here, and again just last Thursday someone called in again. Now i feel that the staffing agency is playing games because they acted like they were shocked when i told them the job was temp. But never called me back when i let them know she had started interviewing and what where they going to do about finding me another position.

Kyle had the nerve to e-mail, (yes e-mail not a man and call) saying he is working on something else for me but in the meantime i need to stop talking i am too chatty, someone had told them for the second time and it could mess me up from future positions. I had to let him know the truth and told him that I want him to see things from my side cause there are two sides to a story and staffing agencies tend to go on the employer side and not the employee. He replied understood and i will always look out for you. Whatever, I beleive he is telling me anything to get me to stay here until the new person starts on Dec 10th. Do you think i should start looking for something else, or trust in them to get me something?

I feel this person went out of their way to say i was doing something, that i wasn't doing and it hurts. Now, this could ruin my chance at another opportunity in the hospital. When i spoke to another lady at the agency that works with Kyle she said well we have over 100 employees there and never had a complaint once and we have one twice from you. I felt then that she didn't beleive me and they were just using me to get paid until this assignment is up and won't get me anything else. It really hurts because i really didn't do anything and just say hi and by to people.

I need advice, thanks guys.

Oh yeah, the person that knows my sister is a floater and she was filling in for the receptionist that went on leave. She said she beleive the lady next to me did it cause when she came down to fill-in(2 days after i started) she asked her would she like my position. I know its her because the day i started, when the girl i replaced introduced me to everyone she had the nastiest look on her face, she looks like a hater.