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Deborah Lippman Three Times A Lady $18.00 + $1.99 Shipping

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Feb 2, 2012
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HSN has the Three Times A Lady glitter polish set on clearance. The shipping on it used to be so high that it was not a sale but the current price brings it to just around $7 a bottle

I couldn't either. I love her polishes but I just can't justify full price for them.

I was looking at this as well. Bank of America has one of their Bank Amerideals where you get $10 cash back on $20 HSN purchase. Makes it even cheaper!

They came on Sat. I've been playing with them a bit. This is Shake Your Groove thing over Ulta's Ulta's Army of 1.
I got these too!!  It is a great deal and if you do Coke Rewards you can get a $15 HSN promo card for 420 points.  Then it's even cheaper.  (They send the code for the $15 electronically so I got mine in 5 minutes and used it right away on that purchase).  

Btw, the box they're in is so pretty!!  (I'm a sucker for nice packaging!)