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I'm a DOVE gal too! Em.. cant remember the name of the fragrance but it has a light green coloured top

Soft and gentle for me

Originally Posted by Laura I'm a DOVE gal too! Em.. cant remember the name of the fragrance but it has a light green coloured top Weird, I've got that one too!
I have tried a wide array of deodorants and by far the best one has been the new one from BAN. It's called BAN Beautifully Smooth and I love all of the scents. It literally keeps you dry and fresh for 24 hours no matter how hot and humid it is out. I even did a t-shirt test one day by accident. I was out at a beach volleyball game and it was a very hot & sticky day and my dark purple tee was dry, no sweaty armpit area. That was proof enough for me.

ditto for me! one of those things i just can't do without!

Originally Posted by eightthirty What deoderant/antipersperant do you all use?
I use Dove without fail!!

I also use Dove after developing an allergic reaction to Secret ... however their "Goes on Clear" formula doesn't actually go on clear. I was getting tired of all the white deodorant on my clothes so I recently picked up a Soft N Dry gel just for the days where I'm wearing sleeveless shirts. I don't really like the gel since it makes my armpits feel wet for a while after I apply it, lol, but it seems to work so that's good enough for me.

i think mine is called sure, its a dry stick one. i cant stand any other type of deo they make me sweat.

Originally Posted by Charmaine I use Dove at the moment, but I hate when the smell of the deodorant is so strong that it's overpowering. Ugh! I like Dove's "Fresh" scent, I don't think it's as strong as a lot of other scents
I can't use antiperspirant because it irritates my skin...and I hate the smell of a lot of deodorants, so I use the one that looks like a rock...It's the Crystal one, I have the roll on one of the brand too that works pretty good.

I used to use Dove but I've had 2 sticks just break apart on me. Now I've moved on to Degree. My boyfriend uses Degree too.

does Dove really work that great? man...i think i will have to try it after reading this tread!

I have use Dry Idea in unscented gel form for many years. Never liked scented ones- it takes over the smell of whatever perfume one wears.


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