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Feb 25, 2007
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Alright ladies, so I need help between hipsters and boyshorts.

1. Is there a difference between them? I own a couple of hipsters and they tend to give me wedgies and are very uncomfortable

2. I'm trying to find underwear for days when I have my period and although I know cotton is better than microfibre, which one would be more 'seamless' or be less noticable underwear-line-wise?

Thanks for the help in advance, and if there are other styles of underwear that are more comfy and suited for periods but don't show much underwearline please tell

Hmmm, i think hipsters have a higher cut leg than boyshorts, also, i believe microfiber would show less. i wear boyshorts and i dont beleive i have a big ol pantyline, unless my friends are just cruel beings and don't tell me.

I think hipsters cut a little higher up than boyshorts. I would go with boyshorts in a seamless fabric...comfy and invisible.

boyshorts usually have a seam up the middle. also everything the other ladies said here is true.

i love the way they look when im undressing but the opposite is true for me, boyshorts give me a wedgie and hipsters don't.

Didnt realize there was a difference. I just call them all underwear, shorts, or booty panties.

Hipsters refer to the low-riding waist band.

Boy-shorts refer to the low (on the thigh) leg hole cut.

Seamless panties are what I get. I usually just get a low rise bikini cut. Not wedgie issues.

I like hipsters. Boyshorts don't work for me, though. When I pull up my jeans, boyshorts just roll up on the sides. lol.

I always thought I was getting wedgies from my hipsters because they were too small, but the sides of my hipsters roll up when I pull my pants up. And I just think the straight-across leg cut of hipster/boyshorts are really cute and sexy

btw, boyshorts are usually the ones that have buttons on the front right?