Dior Spring 2008 palette

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Jan 4, 2007
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hope this hasnt been posted before, I did a search but it didn't turn up!

it's the new Dior palette! I think I'd be terrified to use it, it's limited edition, isn't it gorgeous?


there is something i wouldn't buy for sure, lol, i'd be tempted to use it but it's truly beautiful so that would be a shame, don't you think ?

Yeah if I got something like that, I'd probably just stare a it hahaha it is soo pretty!

WOW, it's gorgeous. I'd just walk around showing it off!
Is it for anything on your face? Parts of it would be a good highlighter and blush, but the green for e/s.

Wow, that's gorgeous! Wouldn't want to ruin it by using it, though.

Aw that is so cute. I have a new make up items where there is a pattern imprinted on the powder, I use the corners of them in fear of ruining the pretty pattern.. I'd be hopeless with this one! lol

wow that is beautiful!

normally you see ysl do palettes like this, but this is really really pretty.

That is so beautiful. I wish I hadnt looked at it..... now I'm gonna have to get it when it comes out. I bought two YSL palettes two years ago and have not touched them 'cuz they're gorgeous and I dont wanna mess them up. I wonder how much longer I'll go without using them. I'm a sick girl!!! LOL


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